Aby-a-Day – June 22: It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood (Fashion Friday)

These are some more photos from the 2010 backlog…these were taken on a gorgeous Sunday in October, a week before Jacoby’s escalator accident. It was one of the first times the temperature was right for Jake to wear his new custom-made sweater, and we’d just taken a routine trip to CVS with his stroller.


It was one of the first times the temperature was right for Jake to wear his new custom-made sweater. Wewalked back along the Harborwalk, and on the way home we stopped off to visit the welder’s cats.



This little female (I call her Wendy, and I’ve known her since she was a kitten) and Jake are old friends.


I have to admit, I was expecting hissing to break out at some point, but surprisingly, cats on both sides of the fence were just curious about each other.



I wonder what she thinks of Jake’s sweater?



When we visit the welder’s cats, I always think of the Warriors books, and what these cats must think of the pampered kittypet in his wool sweater. Of course, the welder’s cats aren’t warriors; they’re more like Ravenpaw and Barley living in the barn. Wendy even looks a bit like Ravenpaw…



But then, Jacoby isn’t just a kittypet. He doesn’t know how to hunt, but he gets along with everyone. He’s kind of like Switzerland in that regard.


(Tell me this cat doesn’t know he’s being photographed!)


But I still always wonder what the welder’s cats think of Jake when he comes to visit.

Abys in Need: Sir Tut in Northern California (Pleasanton)

This came to me from my Aby Rescue list, but today’s Aby in Need is being fostered at the same home that Angel lived in!


Check out Purebreds Plus‘ newest Aby:

Sir Tut is a wonderful, wonderful Abyssinian boy. He isn’t the “all the way to the highest point in the room” type Abyssinian, but he is the nicest boy you will ever meet. He loves to give head butts, share his day with you with his quiet voice and wants to be with you, helping you with whatever he thinks you need help with. Tut has a beautiful ruddy coat and gorgeous green eyes. He weighs 8 1/2 pounds. And know that 9 year old Abyssinians are still very active cats. Someone will be very lucky to adopt this boy and have him in their life.

But the Sir Tut described above is a stark contrast to the boy who came into rescue 3 months ago. Tut came into rescue at 5 1/2 pounds. When you looked at him from behind, his fur stuck up on his spine. It was very sad. He was not only mad at having been in the shelter but also mourning the lost of his owner, who was older and could not live on his own anymore. Tut had been an only cat and in the same home for his whole life. But Tut was obviously a spoiled boy and those life experiences have left lasting peculiarities that his foster mom has dealt with and his future owners will need to be aware of and watchful over. First, Tut needs to be an only cat. He may do alright with a very gentle dog but a slow introduction will be necessary. But most importantly, Tut needs a not so normal cats diet. His foster mom has tried feeding him everything, but this what Tut will eat: Evo dry cat food (just a little but he eats it), roasted chicken bought at the store (also probably roast turkey), boiled chicken, raw ground meat once a week, chicken and turkey lunch meat, chicken baby food fingers, and chicken baby food with vitamins mixed in each day. Tut also is particular about where he drinks his water. He loves his own glass on the counter. His foster mom thinks he would do well with a water fountain as he loves to drink from the facet.

Sir Tut is healthy, neutered, FELV/FIV negative, current on FVRCP and Rabies shots and microchipped. He also had a blood test done and all values are normal. He is being fostered in Pleasanton.

If you would like more information about Sir Tut, call his foster mom, Karen at (770) 301-6425 or k.pahler@comcast.net