Aby-a-Day – June 23: “It’s no use of talking unless people understand what you say”

Sanna-Leena Santapakka posted a fabulous picture of her fawn Aby, Sketski, to the The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook:

Isn’t it great? I love shots of Abys talking.


Bastet knows, I have plenty of photos of Jacoby with his mouth open.


He talks constantly; he actually talks more than any of the Siamese I’ve lived with. He actually talks to himself sometimes; I’ll hear him in the other room, all by himself, chatting away.


Jake wishes Hyvää juhannusta ja yötön yö to his friend Sketsi in Finland!

Abys in Need – Aerial up a tree in Attleboro

Another found Abyssinian…and this one really hits close to home!


I got this email this afternoon from the NAR List about an Abyssinian up a tree in Attleboro, MA:

I am hoping that your organization has a local chapter or contact here in Massachusetts. I rescued an adolescent Abyssinian about two weeks ago – from three stories up in a tree! I have posted notices and called all area shelters to alert them that I have this little girl and am looking for her family. I cannot believe that no one appears to be out frantically looking for this purebred Aby. She had a decorative collar but no microchip or other identification. I cannot keep her. I already have three cats of my own. I want to find her a loving forever home and am being very careful not to let her fall into the hands of anyone who would just sell her for a profit.

Neighborhood reports are sketchy, but she appears to have been on her own for at least a week before I took her in. She had become very, very skinny. As it turned out, she would be in the tree top for three days through wind and rain before I could find help to rescue her. I named her Aerial. Efforts to find her owner/family have been unsuccessful and we cannot keep her. Looking for a loving forever home for a little girl who deserves someone who will adore her for the special kitty she is. She’s had a tough start with a family who doesn’t seem to care about her disappearance, “rescue” teams who couldn’t be bothered to save her, and now a foster home that can’t keep her. Here’s hoping that these difficult early chapters of her life are about to end as a new, happy story begins for her future!

Wow, right? It’s like something you’d see on a Lifetime movie. Poor girl! It’s been fairly good weather around here, but it has been raining and windy.

My friend Meg is in that neck of the woods, too; I wonder if she knows anything about her?

If you can help, call Rose Marques at 401-580-9898 or email ladylandscape10@hotmail.com