CFA Yearbooks – History Preserved

I’ve been collecting up old CFA yearbooks for the past couple of years; specifically, I’ve found as many of the issues with Abyssinian or Somali articles. It amazes me that this isn’t collected coherently online anyplace!

However, I did find a couple of articles on a Russian Blue cattery site. Of course, the articles they have are mainly about Russian Blues, but I did find an interesting article about general cat colour genetics that was published in the 1995 edition entitled “How to Paint a Cat.”


And look at who they have illustrating a Ruddy Abyssinian! It’s GC Tinbats Searching for Caleb…who just happens to be Jacoby’s maternal great-great grandmother’s paternal great-grandfather. Or, to explain it another way:

Tinbats Searching for Caleb (born 1992) -> Tinbats Morgan’s Passing -> Mellowmews JP Morgan -> Zehnder’s Best Bette of Davende -> Zehnder’s Cuba of Instincts -> Instinct’s Raspberry of Abysills -> Jake’s mother, Instinct’s Santa Catalina of Pellburn!

Pretty nifty, eh?

Aby-a-Day – June 24: Do you canoe?

When Jacoby and I were enjoying the sun on the Fort Point Pier, a man came to use it for its actual intended purpose.


He came onto the dock with a large bag and a pump, and proceeded to inflate a one-man kayak.


It was pretty interesting. Those things take a long time to blow up!



Eventually, his kayak was inflated, he put on his lifejacket and paddled off.




I wonder if Jake would like to go on a boat ride?

Today is Cat World Domination Day (and also Sparkle’s birthday)


Happy Birthday, Sparkle!