Aby-a-Day – June 25: Lazy summer afternoon (Hipstamatic Monday)

It’s been really hot in Boston the past few days.


Even though we have air-conditioning, the hot weather still makes for sleepy afternoons.


Jacoby was napping in the “big bed” this weekend and I crept up to catch him in the act…


…I woke him up.


But that didn’t last long.


As soon as he realised that I was just taking photos of him again, he quickly lost interest.


“Okay, mom…I don’t need to be awake for this.”

The internet is a series of tubes, and those tubes are filled with Abyssinians

What would we do without the internet?

Cat World is a great UK cat magazine, but it’s really expensive to get here in North America. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t read its articles! Not sure how long this is valid, but right now you can download an Aby feature article Cat World online for £1.99. You get a printable, savable PDF file, and it’s a pretty good article, with a focus on all the silver colours as well as the Big Four. It’s also got a bit of UK breeding history about the first half of the 20th Century.

This was also published on I Can Has Cheezburger’s CoMixed site:

I believe it!