Other People’s Abys – The Birthday from Outer Space

Everytime I find something super awesome and Aby-related, I wonder how the heck I didn’t know about it before. This is one of those things. And, wow…Just check this out!


This woman’s son is obsessed with The Cat From Outer Space, which in itself is a little slice of awesome, since the boy is almost 8, now, and that movie came out in 1978. This was two years ago, and his mom and dad threw him a “Cat From Outer Space” 6th birthday party. Honestly? I’m jealous. I want a party like this!

She says, Parker, being a big fan of felines, loved it [the movie]. By the time it was over, he already had decided we would “play” the movie, with each of us taking on different roles. He is now “Jake” (the cat), my husband is “Frank” (the scientist who helps him) and I’m “the lady.”

So, he made him a stuffed Jake, complete with space collar, and her husband made him Jake’s spaceship, and they did a whole cat-space-themed party. So brilliant I can’t stand it.

She used the same stuffed Ragdoll pattern that I used to make Angel’s Mini-Me! I love how it turned out, too. I should try stretching it the way she did.

And how did I discover this amazing thing? Someone said they thought that Jacoby was “a very small alien hiding inside a cat suit,” and I, referencing the movie, responded that it wasn’t completely beyond the realm of possibility. And that lead to me to the bright (you should pardon the expression) idea of trying to find an illuminated collar for Jacoby to wear for Halloween. When I Googled “Cat From Outer Space Collar,” I discovered the stuffed Jake.

Her idea for the collar is pretty clever, too. It looks fantastic! It doesn’t light up, but it’s still very realistic.

Still, is it wrong to really want the same party a six-year-old had two years ago?

4 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – The Birthday from Outer Space

  1. My human’s favorite cat film ever is The Three Lives of Thomasina – no Aby, but still very feline-centric and even a bit mystical. You can tell by several Disney films featuring cats that Walt was a dyed-in-the-wool ailurophile!

    If my human had a Thomasina party for her birthday (coming up in a little over three weeks), you can believe she would be the only person there! A Cat From Outer Space Party would be MUCH cooler! I know somewhere there are glow-in-the-dark cat toys… am wondering if any of them can be “re-fashioned” into a collar for Jake.


  2. This child should get a real ‘Jake’. Our elder daughter was obsessed with the same movie and wanted a ‘Jake’ of her own. When Jen was eight, her cat died and we bought her a male ruddy Aby and , of course, she named him, ‘Jake’!!! Jake lived to be 21 years old. He was officially named Supreme Grand Champion Citykat’s Jake of Foxlair. Even though he became a championship cat and was even a centerfold of a magazine, somehow, he never learned to talk!!!!! However, he was definitely the ‘king’ of our domain. Over the years, three Rottweilers, four humans, and several felines were among his underlings. We will miss him forever. Nancy Fox


    1. 21 years! That’s awesome! I hope my Jake lives that long!
      And I agree, this boy does need a Jake of his own.

      My Jake is named after Jacoby Ellsbury (specifically him stealing home against the Yankees), his grandfather, Haro’s Jake of Eszencia…and, yes, Jake the cat from outer space! Was he the centerfold cat in Cat Fancy? If he was, I’ll bet I’ve seen him! I’ve been getting that magazine off and on since junior high school. Cats Magazine, too, which was more “stodgy” but which I actually kind of liked better since it seemed so much more grown up.

      What a great story! Thank you for sharing this.


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