Aby-a-Day – June 29: Remembering Gun-Hee (Friday Flashback)

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the end of Gun-Hee’s battle with FIP. Even though we have Jacoby, his half brother, I still miss that little boy.


One of the last outings we took was on June 11; we went to Harvard Yard. He posed with John Harvard.


I didn’t notice it at the time, but he was already starting to show signs of the disease.


I still think about him every day. Having Jacoby is a bit like having a part of Gun-Hee back, but…


…it’s still not the same. Gun-Hee always seemed a little sad, like he knew he’d have to leave sooner than he should.

There is some good news, though: Yesterday, at the Winn Foundation Symposium at the CFA Annual Meeting, Steve Dale announced that the Winn Foundation had just that day been given a cheque for $10,000 expressly for FIP research (as a donation to their Bria Fund)! What great news!

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – June 29: Remembering Gun-Hee (Friday Flashback)

  1. Purrs to you. My human still misses the cat before me – 10-1/2 years later. She was 15-1/2, but age doesn’t matter, really. These special cats are never around long enough, no matter what.


    1. No they are not Sparkle – Sooty was a very special little cat, I always wanted a little black and white cat called Sooty and when the cat before him died from eating a poisned rat the vet thought, We rang the shelter and the lady there said there was a little black and white kitty they had and I said I’d have him straight away without seeing what he looked like!

      Here he was aged 18 or so a bit before he died :
      Sooty's last photo

      He is still missed even now… and its a few years now since he passed on…


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