Aby-a-Day – July 2: Selective colour (Hipstamatic Monday)

This is not, technically, a “Hipstamatic” Monday, since these photos were taken with my new Sony A57 SLT, but they have the same feel. Perhaps I should change the name to “Artistic Monday”..?


Turns out, my new camera has a whole array of artistic settings! With it, you can do all sorts of interesting things. In these photos, I’m playing with “Selective Coulour,” and this is Jacoby with just the green in the setting highlighted.


This is the exact same scene, but with only the yellow highlighted.


The green highlight was my favourite; it picked up Jake’s tags wonderfully.


I was surprised that it made Jake’s eyes green, since they don’t look at all green in real life.


These are not modified in Photoshop at all beyond cropping and balancing the tones.


Here is Angel on the windowsill with only yellow highlighted. I also played around with the white balance; different settings gave different amounts of yellow.


I love the way these photos came out.


I wonder what else I’ll discover about my new camera?