Aby-a-Day – July 3: Jacoby STEALING Home (Cartoon Tuesday)

This happened.


A couple of weeks ago, I made baked chicken and I had the pan on top of the stove with a heavy, but round, lid on it to discourage any scavengers. Plus, it was baked with two whole lemons along with potatoes, onions and garlic; I figured the citrus would act as a sort of deterrent. I was wrong.

Guess who stole a whole freaking breast and tried to eat it as fast as he could before we noticed?

As a friend of mine said, that’s why he’s named Jacoby STEALING home!

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Other People’s Abys – And you thought 5 or 6 kittens was a big litter!

You guys have to see this. Karen Vance of Nightmagic Cattery and Cedarwood Cattery in New York State posted this photo to the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club last Thursday:


“Last night one of my Aby girls (Monique) delivered 11 kittens. One kitten died, but we have 10 healthy kittens There were fawn, red blue and ruddy in the litter; the vet had never delivered that many kittens to any cat before.”

10 surviving kittens! Considering Abys have small litters (usually two, three or four, and single-kitten litters aren’t that uncommon), that’s especially huge. And it’s pretty big in the general cat world. The largest litter, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was 19 (15 surviving), birthed by Tarawood Antigone, a brown Burmese in Oxforshire, UK. That was back in 1970; the 15 surviving kittens were 14 boys and one girl!

There is also a Persian who had 12 kittens and a Himalayan who had 14…I’m not sure, but 11 kittens in one litter may be an Abyssinian record. Does anyone know? I did a quick Google search, and the largest Aby litter I could find recorded was a litter of eight, sired by GC Wil-O-Glen’s Bismarck of Baton Rouge:

“When Bismarck was bred to EC Fiona Lone Star he produced his biggest litter ever with 8 kittens!”

But just look at these little babies! I can see all four colours in there: Ruddy/Usual, Sorrel/Red, Blue and Fawn. Just imagine how crazy it’s going to be at their house in about 10 weeks!

(UPDATE: Two more of these kittens died within about three days, leaving eight. Then the rest of the kittens did great, and as far as I know there are still eight doing great now. This is pretty typical of an extra large litter of kittens.)

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