Aby-a-Day – July 5: “Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d”

We got an order of Omaha Steaks the other day. If you’ve ever ordered from them, you know the meat is packaged with dry ice. Well, once you open the styrofoam box and put away the meat, you have the dry ice to deal with.


My husband put it in the sink. Then he ran water over it to make it melt faster. The end result was pretty spectacular.


At least, I think Jacoby was impressed.

Abys in Need – Tia and Troy in the UK

I know I’m a North-America-centric blog, but the Aby world is…well, the whole world. And this story is especially sad:

It’s always sad when an Aby needs to find a new home, but it’s especially sad when the Abys are older. In this case, they’re almost 12 years old:


“Eleven years old (nearly twelve), half brother and sister, urgently in need of a new home. The owner’s wife sadly died and he has to spend a lot of time out of the country working so is unable to care for the Abys full time. One son has been at home to look after the cats but is moving out very soon. If anyone is able to offer these two a good home please contact Harriet Patey on 0208 669 1655 or email Full medical history and chip details are available.

According to Barbara from Silversmoke Abyssinians, there is a very good reason for the rehome, it’s not just a whim and it would be tragic if they were to be split up, so please anyone who just might know of a possible home, do contact Harriet ASAP.