Aby-a-Day – July 7: A day at the doctor’s

Today was a big day. Today was our annual veterinary vist.


Jacoby has been to our vet’s office so many times, he’s pretty blasé about the whole place. There was actually a large brindle mixed breed dog in the waiting room with us, but, as always, Jake was unfazed.


He even tries to calm the other cats down while we’re waiting for our exam room to be ready.


I love this shot of Jake and Angel. In the Warriors books, the cats often lay a friendly tail across the shoulders of their clanmates, but you don’t see cats do that a lot in real life.



Once we’re in the waiting room, Angel becomes very brave. I’m never sure what it is about vet exam rooms that brings her out, but I get some of the best photos of her when we’re at the vet.


At one point, Jake was sitting on the table while surveying the countertop…


…and then he shot me the dirtiest look! It was pretty funny, considering he was the only one who didn’t need any vaccinations.



He just needed to have his teeth looked at (he may be starting a resorptive lesion on one tooth).


Jake also needed to have some paperwork filled out, because we’re going to try to get our therapy certification renewed next week.


Angel always gets her eye looked at. She may have a blocked tearduct. But her teeth are looking good, and she also got her rabies shot.


Kylie needs eardrops. She also will need to have her teeth cleaned and she got her combo booster shot.


Tessie also got a shot, and her teeth are still in great shape after the cleaning last year. And that’s all she’ll let me talk about…


It’s a lot of work to take all the cats in to see the vet at once, but it’s also kind of fun. They’re all so personable and well-behaved, I have to admit I like showing them off once in a while. And it’s always good to hear that everyone’s healthy. And now, apart from Kylie’s teeth, we’re all set until next year.

Other People’s Abys – Somali Sighting

Cate at Blanket ID found this great German cat furniture site…and some great Somali models!


I see ruddies/usuals, red/sorrels, and a really adorable little blue Somali kitten…not to mention some really sweet furniture.