Other People’s Abys – Aby Antics!

One more step towards Aby world domination! You remember our friend Kellie, who found her little girl Allie through my blog? Well, she sent me this email last night:

hope all is well with you and your fur family! I just love Jake so much. He just seems like the most fearless cat when it comes to the outside world. I wish my two were a little braver when it came to leaving their territory. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I’ve just started a blog about my two girls. I call it Aby Antics. My two keep me laughing day and night so I decided to create sort of a scrap book of sorts of their stories, pics and videos. It’s not much yet, but I have so much to add still. It’s going to take me a year just to post everything that’s happened in the last 6 months since Allie arrived. I wanted to share with you since you’re the reason I even found Allie in the first place. What a little clown she has become…just wait and see!


Ha! That’s pretty much how I started my blog, too: I had Gun-Hee, and he was such a character I felt I should share him with the world. Then he died, and we found Angel, and then Jacoby happened…and somewhere along the way I branched out from just my Abys (which is still my main focus) to Abyssinians in general. I think Abys just seem to have that “larger than life” personality…I may be wrong, but I think Abys may be the most blogged-about breed of cat. There’s me, and now Kellie…plus the Pouponette gang, the 4 Abyssinians, Sonny and Cher, and of course Sparkle…all just ordinary people who had one (or more) Abys and started to blog about them.

Abyssinian world domination, I’m telling you. Resistance is futile.

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