Aby-a-Day – July 11: Wordless Wednesday (Are you going to eat that?)


Abys in Need – Cleo and Sara in Florida

Would you believe we have two more declawed Abys in need of a new home? This one comes to me from Molly of Tigerflower Abyssinians, and it about breaks my heart:

Hi everyone – My name is Scott Plate, and my elderly parents, Joan and Harold Plate, have had two registered Abyssinian cats as pets, and we would love to find them homes as soon as we can. They live in The Villages, FL. My stepmother is now in the final stages of lung and brain cancer, and my father has very suddenly had a series of heart attacks and is battling other related health issues, and he won’t be home any time soon. My brother and I are here now trying to manage their care, but we live in Ohio. I have three cats already, and he has two dogs, so we can’t take them on, but we need to deal with them in a responsible way. They are 12 year-old sisters named Cleo and Sara (photo attached), and they have been together since they were in utero, and have never lived a day apart, so they are a package deal. If we can’t place them somewhere together, and it needs to be soon, we’ll need to go to plan B. I don’t want to do that, but some of our our parents’ care, if they do come home, will be partly dependent on people who are terrified of cats, so they can’t be here. I was hoping you could forward this e-mail to anyone you might know to see if there might be anyone interested in adopting these girls. They are declawed, and in very good health – all shots up to date, etc. We’ve spoken various animal hospitals, and the no-kill shelter in Ocala, and they were nice but had no solutions other than more phone numbers. I found you online and am reaching out. My cell is 216-577-8580. Time is short, and many thanks!

Cleo and Sara

This seems to happen a lot in Florida, especially, because of the elder population down there. Once in a smaller, independent pet shop near Tampa that had some rescue kitties in residence, there was an older white kitty girl who looked a lot like an older Kylie…she was about 10 to 12 years old, declawed and she had been found outside just wandering around. Turns out her person died and the kids (or whoever had to deal with the deceased’s home and belongings) just tossed her into the wilds of suburban Florida to fend for herself. Poor thing had never been alone a day in her life…

(And don’t even get me started on the declawing. Abys of all cats don’t need to be declawed! And as purebreds, don’t breeders stipulate that their adopted kittens NOT be declawed? I thought that was pretty standard, but I’m starting to get the feeling that a lot of people don’t think twice about ignoring that bit of the contract.)

(Last rant, I promise: My father is 83. He has a cat. He also has diabetes. The cat, Flint, loves my dad to pieces and is definitely his cat, but he’s a former outdoor cat and will not, captial N-O NOT, allow his claws to be trimmed (also my dad’s a softie and doesn’t want to press the issue and make his buddy angry with him). So my dad just leaves them be. Well, once Flint was napping on my dad’s lap and some loud noise outside startled him and he dug his claws into my dad’s leg…which resulted in a pretty decent gash, even through my dad’s pants. It wouldn’t stop bleeding, and my dad had to go to the emergency room to get it taken care of. Okay, now, my dad used to get his cats declawed. I don’t know why; my sister and I both lectured him on how bad it was, and finally he had a cat who didn’t do well with the declawing and was pretty much a bitter betty for the rest of his life. Now, he won’t declaw his cats. And in this case, I could almost condone him declawing a cat. I mean, if you have health issued to the extent that a cat scratch sends you to the ER and he won’t let you clip or cap those daggers…well, then at least you have some reasoning behind the procedure beyond “I don’t want my couch destroyed.”

Okay, that’s a kind of extreme case, but if my dad won’t get his cat declawed…why are people declawing Abys? I don’t get it. Okay, I’m done.)

Please, please, please, if you know anyone down in Florida who needs two 12-year-old Aby ladies, please call this man. These poor girls are probably super stressed about their people being sick and not with them as it is.