Abys in Need – URGENT Update on Ra in Michigan

Holy crap, you guys, this is urgent! I just got this update on Ra, the homeless Ruddy Aby boy in the Detroit area:



“Can you foster or give a home to this poor beautiful ruddy boy? He is only 7 years old and is front declawed and starved for attention. He doesn’t understand why he suddenly lost his home and is in this terrible place, which has decided he has until THIS FRIDAY to live. NAR and helpers are looking for an alternate foster place (NAR has a temporary foster home so he can be saved), and of course a more permanent home for him, someone who will give him a loving Forever Home. He is in Detroit, Michigan. Thank you!!!


Look at that head-butting action! What a sweetheart! But we need to find this poor little guy at least a foster home. Spread the word!

Aby-a-Day – July 12: Anatomy of a roll

One thing Jacoby does that is so unique to him and so silly is his rolling on the carpet in our hallway. Part of it is just the way he does it: he’ll be standing there and then, all of a sudden, one shoulder drops and he just…falls over like a fainting goat. With my new camera, I’ve been able to capture the roll in action:






Here’s another one:












But the best one is when he rolls alongside the brick wall…












He sort of rubs his side up against the brick (which I imagine feels nice and scratchy) as he does his fall-and-roll. He doesn’t really do this in the house; my theory is that his first home as a kitten at Sherry’s had carpet, and the hallway carpet reminds him of kittenhood. He’s always purring up a storm when he’s rolling, so he must have happy memories!

Update on Sara and Cleo – Good News!

This email was sent around this morning:

Hi everyone – thanks so much for your efforts and encouragement yesterday. I am 99.9% sure I have found a home for my parents’ cats. After a statewide rescue effort, someone from around the corner wants them – go figure. A wonderful elderly couple who are acquainted with my folks has volunteered to take them.

Just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like we are golden – thanks again!

So it looks like a happy ending for these two sisters – and it was more than just a “statewide” rescue effort. Susan Graham sent an email yesterday which said ” If the
adult children bring them up soon with their parents, a kind person has agreed to transport them as far as Detroit, Michigan from Ohio…”
So, make that a NATIONwide INTERNATIONAL rescue effort.

The thing about these rescue posts is, we don’t always get to hear…the REST of the story. So it’s nice to hear how one turned out.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Sara and Cleo have been permanently adopted into their new forever home!

I just spoke to Scott, the son of the folks who had the 2 Aby girls. HE said they had an outpouring of support from all over the country and was totally amazed at the network of caring people.

Just today, a couple in Lady Lake, FL adopted the 2 girls and they now have a new forever home!!! YAY YAY!

Scott was wondering if everyone could pass the word to all of their networks that the pair was adopted so folks will not continue call about them anymore as he is getting so many calls and is trying to care for his parents who are terminally and critically ill. Scott also wanted me to say thank you to everyone – he is grateful for all of the work everyone did in getting the word out! This situation could not have had a better ending!

Thanks everyone – please pass the word along!!

Isn’t that wonderful?