Aby-a-Day – July 15: Two more years! Two more years!

Today was a pretty big day for Jacoby and me. Today we went out to Tufts Veterinary Campus out in Grafton to get our <a href="certified Pet Partners” target=#>Pet Partners certification renewed.


You may remember when we got certified the first time, two years ago. Jake passed with flying colours; in fact, our evaluator, Deb Gibbs, told me that Jake was born to be a therapy animal.


Today was hot and humid, and I guess Jake was a little cranky because I carried him more than I usually do. He hissed at the “neutral dog!” He’s usually unfazed by the Canidae family, and he was fine before and after with the other dogs in the lobby.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone to take photos of us actually doing the evaluation this time, but here’s Deb, the person who conducted the test, talking to Jake after we were done.


It was a really long day for us both. We were both exhausted when it was all over.