Aby-a-Day – July 17: Respect the Classics (Cartoon Tuesday)

When I was an art student, I was repeatedly exhorted to “respect the classics.”


All righty, then.

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Abys in Need – Craigslist Abys in NJ and MI

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are a lot of Abys needing homes recently? I just got emails about two more Abys looking for homes on Craigslist this morning…


This first one comes from Bloomfield, NJ: “I need to find a good home with a loving family/owner for my Abyssinian cat. She is very loving and is a great companion to anyone who needs one. She loves to nestle and cuddle and loves to be pet and played with.

She is up-to-date with all vet visits, is neutered, and microchipped. She is about 8-9 years old but still has the energy of a kitten. I am sad to see her go but I have started to develop an allergy to her. Adoption fee is $20 and I will want to make sure that she goes to a good home with a loving owner.


Please email for more information. Thank you.”

The second Aby, also a girl, is in Ann Arbor, MI with a torbie-and-white:


“Two female indoor cats (A 4-year old Abyssinian and a 3-year old Tabby) need a new home! I’m moving overseas and I can’t take them with me. They have both been fixed and are up to date on their shots. They are friendly and love to be petted. They usually sleep on the back of the sofa or in the middle of the floor. Please email if interested. I think these two girls need to go together.

So many beautiful Abys looking for homes this summer!

Haro’s Ginger Snap of Pellburn: 2002 – 2012

I got a super sad email this morning from Sherry, via the Chickadee Cat Club:

This morning I thought I should share with you that our Club Secretary, Sherry Pellerin, has a difficult day ahead of her and it would be nice if we keep her in our thoughts. Her beloved cat Ginger (Haro’s Ginger Snap of Pellburn) will be passing through Rainbow Bridge today. Sherry has spent the weekend with the staff at Island View Veterinary Hospital trying to save Ginger’s life from kidney disease but to no avail. Ginger is only 10 years old and Sherry thought she had so many years left with her. For any of us who have visited Sherry’s home we all know that Ginger was the first of her beautiful Abys to greet us at the door. I have a special memory of Ginger keeping our Pizza warm when Sherry and I were working on media alerts for the Chickadee 2012 show in late May.

All of us have faced or will face this day with our wonderful companion cats so take a moment today if you can and think of Ginger and Sherry.


Ginger was Scar’s mother, and Jacoby’s grandmother. I never met her in person, but I feel like I knew her well. I am so sorry that Sherry is going through this with another of Scar’s family.

Abys in Need – 10 year old red/sorrel girl in Florida

I don’t know a whole lot about this girl…All the email said was:

“We have a 10+ yr old spayed and declawed girl who needs a home ASAP. Please let me know as the shelter is maxed with cats.”

Abyssinian spayed older cat 001

Isn’t she a sweet-looking girl? She really reminds me of Angel. I don’t know her name or what happened to her nose, though. She is being kept at the Seminole County Shelter in Sanford, Florida. You can contact Mary Beth Lake by email or call 407-665-5206.

Abyssinian spayed older cat 002

However, it appears that she at least has a foster home; I just got a second email from another person which said:

“I am working with Mary Lake to see if we can get her released to Purrs and Whiskers Shelter. I will pick her up tomorrow and shelter her in my home until we can get her adopted.”

Abyssinian spayed older cat 003

If you know of a home for an older Aby, let me know and I’ll pass the word along.