Aby-a-Day – July 19: Literally obedient

Jacoby loves to “help” me in the kitchen.


He’s actually not allowed on countertops – no cats are – and he’s completely aware of this. But he still does it. And a lot of the time, I really don’t mind all that much.


But when I’m cooking, or doing something dangerous, I don’t want him up there.


I’ll tell him, “GET DOWN, JAKE.” And this is what he does:


He climbs up onto the toaster oven!


Sometimes, he just stays on there and watches what I’m doing.


But other times, he wants to be closer to the action.


That’s when he moves to sit on top of the mini 4-cup coffeemaker.


“What? I’m not on the counter!”


He’ll perch up there for a long time, too.


It’s really funny, because it’s not a very large seat, and he’s not a very small cat.


Eventually, I guess he gets uncomfortable, or maybe he’s just bored, but after sitting on the coffeemaker for several minutes, he’ll try to move back onto the counter.


I tell him to get down again, and he is quick to comply…


…By getting back on the toaster oven.


Such a naughty, literal cat!

Abys in Need: Tigger in Oxfordshire, UK

Would you believe…another homeless Aby? At least this guy isn’t declawed!


An urgent home is needed for this boy who is currently in a vets in Woodstock (Oxfordshire). He was found as a stray, is about 9 years old, and neutered. Tigger is friendly and outgoing and doesn’t have any health issues that the vets could find.

Contact Chris at Merrydancer Abys if you can help this lovely man.

UPDATE: I’ve just heard that Tigger has a home! “This lady from Oxford, so near Woodstock, rang me this morning to say that she is picking Tigger up on Monday. She has been to see him, and he is very friendly, and she is so pleased to be having him. She had contacted me several weeks ago, wanting a kitten from me, but my girl turned out not to be pregnant. I suggested maybe she would like to consider an older boy, and she must have contacted you straightaway. She said that the vets at Woodstock had made every attempt to contact the owner, as Tigger had been microchipped. They had to find a book on cats to discover his breed!”

You have to love a story with a happy ending!