Aby-a-Day – July 28 – Jacoby and Coco’s DAY OF FUN*

We played tourist yesterday, Jacoby and I, and went to historic Faneuil Hall. We had lunch with my friend Karen (who we stayed with for the Concord, NH show in May) and some of our coworkers from China. While we were there, we availed ourselves of some of the touristy fun that locals never do…


…like getting a caricature done! (HUGE thanks to Karen for taking the “behind the scenes” photos with my iPhone!)


I went up to the sketch artist, Madman With a Marker Chris Vlahakis and asked him, “Do you do cats?” “Do I do cats? he retorted.


So we sat down. This was Marker Madman Chris’ first “catacature,” and he was worried about not having pastels, but I reassured him that I could always come back.


And I will! Because now I really want to get one of both of us.


I love the back of my catacature, too. Chris wasn’t kidding when he said Jake was his first feline subject. I love that I have a little rough draft on the back of my awesome drawing!

(Also, just in case you’re reading the title and thinking “Where is that FROM”…)

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