Aby-a-Day – August 3: Happy birthday, Tessie! (Friday Flashback)

Today is Tessie’s 9th birthday.


Of course, we had a little celebration, as we always do, complete with cat food can cake and candle.


Tessie was adopted as a young adult via the Retired Friends list after she’d had a litter of kittens and was spayed. I wasn’t there for her first birthday, so I don’t have photos of her first birthday. But I do have photos of every birthday after. This was her second; she wasn’t quite so sure of that candle on her dinner.


By the time she turned 5, she’d kind of gotten the hang of the candles…even though they got a little out of control that year.


By her 7th birthday, she was definitely blasé about the whole flaming food thing.


Every year, each cat gets a special birthday present, and this year Tessie’s gift was a Go-Cat Butterflier Wand that I got at a cat show from the fabulous Arubacat; I think I buy something from them every time I see them.


Tessie’s registered name is Bes Butterfly, so I like to give her butterly-themed toys whenever I find them.


This one was a definite hit; she loves it. It looks really realistic, too.


Look at her go! And look at that body! Not too shabby for a 9-year-old (roughly equivalent to a 50-year-old human) girlcat, is she!? I should look to good when I’m her age.