Aby-a-Day – August 5: Part of show business is magic

I love the Mansfield cat show. It’s in a hotel, it’s only one day, and it’s easy to get to on the Commuter Rail.

mansfield-jakeC01747 2

And, it’s fun. It’s like a little local block party. Because it’s one day, it’s not the sort of show people come from great distances to enter.

mansfield-jaketazC02060 2

We had a great little Aby party going on. Meg brought Taz, Chris (from Instincts) brought her little female Cupcake, and Stan (of Jazzy Abbys) brought his Premier Buddy Rich, who only needed 6 points to Grand.

mansfield-rivardbuddyC02373 2

Stan and Buddy were at the show in Concord back in May, too…and still needed those elusive 6 points. We were all rooting for them to final.

mansfield-buddyrussellC01565 2

It made the finals much more exciting than usual, too, which was fun. And I am happy to report that Jazzy Abbys Buddy Rich is now a Grand Premier!

mansfield-buddyrussellC01605 2

mansfield-buddyrussellC01618 2

mansfield-buddyC01638 2


mansfield-stanbuddyC01679 2

mansfield-stanbuddyC02667 2

Russell Webb’s ring was a good one for Aby premiers. It was his first time judging Allbreed (he’s usually a Specialty judge), and both Jacoby and Taz were in his top 10.

mansfield-jakerussellC01853 2

Jake won his one rosette and was named 4th Best Cat in Premiership.

mansfield-tazrussellC01891 2

Cousin Taz was named Best Cat in Premiership in that same ring.

mansfield-tazrussellC01902 2

mansfield-tazrussellC01904 2

mansfield-tazrussellC01906 2

(I love these photos of Russell describing Taz’s earset.)

mansfield-tazrussellC01917 2

mansfield-megtazrussellC01967 2

Meg had a plan for Taz and Jake to wear collars if they made a final together…but it was stymied by the rug in the show hall. The collar Meg got Jake was a camouflage pattern, and it fell on the floor…and blended in. We couldn’t find it in time to get up to the ring (luckily, I stepped on it later). But you can see Taz’s collar in this “formal portrait.”

mansfield-cuppyC01721 2

Sassy little Cupcake was the Aby star of the show, though. Only 9 months old, this was already her third show in the Championship class.

mansfield-cuppyC01731 2

Look at that attitude! You can see how awesome she thinks she is…and she’s right.

mansfield-cuppyfriendC01763 2

mansfield-cuppyfriendC01821 2

Even other cats wanted to be her friend.

mansfield-chriscuppyC03099 2

mansfield-chriscuppyC03813 2

At the end of the day, Cuppy had so many ribbons and rosettes that you couldn’t even see her cage. She Granded at this show, as you might have guessed.

mansfield-chriscuppyC01694 2

Congratulations, Grand Champion Cupcake!

mansfield-jakematthewC02283 2

Jacoby just won one rosette, but that’s all we were after. The best part of the show was just being at the show and meeting the “cat kids.”

mansfield-jakematthewC02267 2

We met this boy, Matthew and he and Jake really connected. Matthew is 9 years old and loves cats.

mansfield-jakematthewC02263 2

He wants to show cats someday. His family actually owns a Siberian female with papers, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibity. He’s so enthusiastic that when I mentioned that he was old enough to steward (basically, clean the show cages after the cats have been judged), his reaction was “WOW! REALLY!?” You have to love a kid who gets excited about cleaning cages.

mansfield-jakematthewC02256 2

It was so awesome.

mansfield-jakematthewC02254 2

I gave him my extra copy of Conversations with Amber because he said he likes Abys and he likes to read (and there’s not a lot of books about Abys out there) and told him he’d really enjoy reading the Barque Cats books since they’re mainly about cats (including Abys) and a 10-year-old boy. I know if I had a book like those when I was his age, it would have been huge.

mansfield-jakecocomirrorC02084 2

I think Matthew made an impact on me, too. I had such a great time talking to him and watching him and Jake together that I decided submit our application to become a CFA Ambassador team…and we were accepted! To me, it seems to be the perfect blend of cat shows and our therapy training.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – August 5: Part of show business is magic

  1. Stan and Buddy were at the Chickadee Show this year, too. Just another reason that you should come!
    Stan was actually the judge I was ring clerking for at the Chickadee Show… and the CCA show in Halifax last October. I like Stan!!!


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