Aby-a-Day – August 13: My loyal buddy (Hipstamatic Monday)

I’ve been really busy lately (as you may have noticed), and some of that has been for my “real” job. I had to travel to our New Hampshire office for a meeting and stayed overnight.


Jacoby really missed me.


He usually sleeps on the bed with me every night, but he tends to sleep on my feet or wedged behind my knees. You can tell when he’s really missed me because he sleeps as close to my head as he can get without suffocating me.


It’s really hard to get close-up iPhone photos in the dark without glasses, in case you were wondering…


Abys aren’t known to be “cuddly” cats, but they are deeply affectionate and extremely loyal to their one person.


Sometimes, sleepiness can turn affection and loyalty into cuddliness. Who knew?