Aby-a-Day – August 19: “Oh what a thing to have done, and it was all yellow.”

Poor Jacoby had another minor UTI flare-up last week.


He’s fine, and we went to the vet and he’s got his usual medications to calm the spasms and kill the bacteria and everything’s fine, but since it’s been a while, the vet wanted to recheck his urine and sent us home with a little cup of plasti-litter to collect a sample.


Oh, goody. Because it was so much fun getting a sample the first time.

I was in the bathroom, studying the little plastic cup and trying to figure out a better way to get the sample when Jake sauntered in, heading for the litter box. I got a crazy idea and just stuck the cup in there under him while he was peeing.


And it worked! I couldn’t believe it. Only Jake. I swear, I have the only cat who will actually pee in a cup.