Aby-a-Day – August 23: Take two syringes and call me in the morning

As you saw in yesterday’s post, Jacoby had his first X-ray taken this week. The reason? The urine sample I took in on Monday came back showing a lot of bacteria and a high white blood cell count, indicating a serious urinary tract infection. Dr. Natalie was concerned that he might have bladder stones, so I took him in to get an X-ray so we could see if he did.


The good news was, there were no stones in Jake’s bladder. But he still has a UTI, and we changed his medication from Clavamox to Baytril.


Jake was also prescribed some painkillers, since UTIs can be very painful. He’s taken these before, after his neuter, when he had his escalator accident, and when he had his other UTIs. However, I don’t remember the meds making him quite so loopy before.


He’s actually been really cute: the meds seem to make him very happy, and he purrs a lot. He also tries to headbutt me when I’m nowhere near him, and he ends up doing this sort of bob-and-weave manoeuvre.


Still, it’s good to know the meds are doing their job…he’s not in too much pain from his UTI judging by his actions!