Aby-a-Day – August 27: My night watchcat (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby loves to sleep on me at night.


I don’t know what he thinks will happen to me while I’m asleep, but he’s there for me.


I know it makes me sleep more soundly.

Abys in Need: Fritz and Lily in Mystic, CT

As the rabbits say, “one cloud feels lonely.” Would you believe I got another email about two more Abys who need homes?

Here’s their story: “My sister-in-law had been sick and recently passed away. I have been taking care of her two sibling Abyssinians (one male and one female) for approximately two months. I go to her condo to feed them, which is approximately a 20 minute ride twice a day. She had made arrangements for them to go to a friends’ home, but I learned that that was only going to be temporary, so I decided to not move them twice. My husband and I are planning to take them to a no-kill shelter during the first week of September. However, our preference would be to find them a good home. They are 9 years old. The male, Fritz, is very lovable but the female, Lily, is extremely skittish, more so because her routine has been quite disrupted.

(This is Fritz – Isn’t he handsome?)

My son is extremely allergic to cats so I cannot take them. I do want to keep them together.

(This is Lily. She looks like a total sweetie!)

Lily is the skittish cat and not very affectionate with me but she has probably been traumatized by the loss of my sister-in-law. I know Fritz would be easier to place alone but I need to honor Charlotte’s wishes and keep them together. They are, and have always been, indoor cats.

They are in Mystic, CT. They both have had their vaccinations as well as exams within the last few weeks. I took Fritz to the vet and had a mobile vet came to the condo yesterday for Lily. They are also both up to date with their rabies shots. Fritz is a little overweight but they are both healthy. I have all their papers, and I believe the name of the breeder is there as well (their breeder no longer breeds and will “beat the bushes” for them to be adopted). They were born in June, 2003.”

9 years old isn’t old! Tessie just turned 9 this month! If you would like two Connecticut Abys Leslie Acquaviva lsacqua@gmail.com

I Can Has Cheezburger – Return of the Cleocatra Shirt!

This doesn’t happen very often, but I Can Has Cheezburger is offering a reprint of one of my favourite T-shirts:

You may recall, I posted about this a year and a half ago, when it first came out. I love this shirt so much; it’s just so perfect for an Aby slave person.

Get the reprint of “Your Offering Pleases Me” for $15 including shipping now! They’re closing orders on September 3rd, and they may not bring it back again.

Abys in Need: Two females in Lansing, MI (Plus one)

I got this email last night from one of my Aby mailing lists:

“I own a feline blood bank. We obtain cats from various different situations, screen them for infectious diseases, isolate them and eventually use them as blood donors until we can find them a forever home. We received a call about a year ago regarding an Abyssinian cattery whose owner died. We took in four adults hoping at least one would be a type B. None were and only one, despite good nutrition, treatment for several GI parasites and good husbandry, is large enough to act as a donor. One has found a new home but we still have two
females we need to place. They are both very nervous and shy but do seek attention. We do not have much information on age but one is probably closer to 7 or 8, the other 3 to 4. They are not particularly attached to each other but, they both get along fine with other cats. We spayed both and they are current on vaccinations.”

There aren’t any photos of the two girls, and I don’t know what colour they are. But if you’re interested in giving one or both of them a forever home, contact Kathleen Edsall, DVM – Nine Lives Blood Services
Work Phone: 517-367-6050, Cellphone: 517-410-3350
Email: kathedsall@yahoo.com

Just after I posted this, I got another email about another Aby in Lansing:

Lansing, MI – Adult female Abyssinian. “Needs loving home. Adult female (small, only 6 lbs) Abyssinian. Rescued and ready for a forever home. Spayed and up to date on shots. Needs quiet home. Gets along with cats. Don’t know about dogs. Very nervous cat but seeks affection. Prefer home experienced with Abyssinians.”

There was a note on this: “Note: I don’t know whether this is one of the Abys from the bloodbank listing or not. She might be.” There also isn’t a photo on this Craigslist ad, and if you’re interested, email: mtgvj-3212365934@comm.craigslist.org.