Aby-a-Day – August 31: When Jacoby Met Angel (Friday Flashback)

August is the month I met my husband, our anniversary is in August and we got Jacoby in August, and it’s Tessie’s birthday month. For some reason, though, August always makes me think of when Jake and Angel first met.


Angel really adored Jake when he first arrived.


Jake loved her at first sight.


I mean, she doesn’t really ever sleep with anycat. But she did with Kitten!Jake.


That’s why it’s so distressing that she hisses at him now anytime he comes near her.


Maybe someday they’ll be cuddle buddies like this again.

Abys in Need – Bugsy in Marin County (URGENT)

This is super sad, and very urgent, especially considering this guy’s age.

My best friend died last week and left her 12.5 year old Aby, Bugsy. Bugsy is presently at the Marin Humane Society, taken there by the sheriff after my friend’s death. He family has given me the authority to find Bugsy a home. I want to get Bugsy out of the Humane Society and I cannot keep a cat due to allergies. Like all Abys I have ever met, he is a great personality. And a beauty. However, you should know that he has a medical condition. He has some kind of kidney disease, diagnosed about a year ago. The Humane Society told me that if he had a medical condition that they believe makes him unadoptable, they will euthanize him. That directive could come any day, ergo some urgency.

Please email or call me. I would greatly appreciate any advice. I don’t want to see poor Bugsy die. He should still have some good years left.

How tragic! If I still lived in San Francisco, I’d be there in a heartbeat to pick him up! I don’t know if Purebreds Plus is aware of this guy, but I sent an email to the woman who fosters Abys (and who I got Angel from). I checked the shelter’s website, and apparently he isn’t up for adoption right now; at least, I don’t see him on their adoptable cats page. I also can’t find his photo anywhere, but it’s all happened pretty fast.

Poor old man. He loses his human and ends up in the shelter, all in one week. I hope he can be rescued. Please respond directly to Gail (415-979-9594) or gmmcmahon@comcast.net if you are able to help.