Aby-a-Day – September 13: What’s Up, Tiger Lili?

The star of yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – and this week’s cartoon, too – is this little 8-month-old girl, Tiger Lili.

mansfield-tigerlilyC03038 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC03018 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC02972 2

Lili actually managed to escape her cage at one point and I helped catch her and put her back in…it’s been so long since I held a young Aby!

mansfield-tigerlilyC02965 2

She had both Jacoby and Taz a bit riled up at the show…she was so eager and active!

mansfield-tigerlilyC02954 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC02990 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC02992 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC03005 2

mansfield-tigerlilyC02973 2

mansfield-envysgrandondishC03015 2

The Aby on this dish is one of Meg’s DM Envy (aka GCh Bastis Theenvelopeplease of Anubis)’s grandsons! She was lucky enough to find it at some food demo booth and convince the pet store person she needed to have it. How awesome is that?

10 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – September 13: What’s Up, Tiger Lili?

  1. OMG, I wondered who the Abys were that Royal Canin used on that set! Coco, you do not have those? It is a set of 3 metal dishes, each with a different Aby and they came with 3 different samples of dry food all in a clear plastic box, so you could see which your cat likes best – Protein Preference, Aromatic Attraction, or Savor Sensation. I save my dishes for use at cat shows 🙂


    1. No, I don’t have them 😦 I think, from what Meg said, that they weren’t released here in the States – she told me she was lucky enough to get it from a Canadian friend. I wish I had them! Maybe I need to start looking on eBay…


  2. Hmmm… let me start looking. I’m related to the Royal Canin rep (Lisa) here and have one complete set (brown, orange, pink) and have enough pink ones to build some kind of fort. I’ll see if Lisa can dig up another brown and orange one for you. If we can’t do a whole set, would you be interested in a few pink ones?
    Just emailed her and I’ll be seeing her next Saturday, so paws crossed!!


    1. Are you kidding? YES, PLEASE!!!!
      And as for the pink ones…I don’t think Meg has the other colours, either, so I bet she’d love a pink one, too.

      I love the Royal Canin goodies. We don’t seem to have as many in the States as they do in Canada and the UK.


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