Aby-a-Day – October 12: California Angel (Friday Flashback)

Four years ago Wednesday, I flew out to California to visit my mom and pick up my new little red Aby Angel.


My friend Tap and I drove out to Pleasanton to pick her up on a really nice Friday afternoon.


Angel is still a bit skittish even now, but when I first met her, she was very shy.



It didn’t take long to draw her out, though…



…and start to bond.


She and I stayed at my mom’s house in Davis for the weekend before flying to Boston the following Monday.


Angel started out with her usual hiding-under-things approach when we got there (this is actually the first photo of Angel my husband saw after I got her; we had just gotten our first iPhones and this is also one of the first photos I took with it)…


…but it didn’t take long for her to come out and explore.


My mom has one of those “open plan” 1960’s California houses, and a super-tall, floor-to-ceiling cat tree.


In case there was ever any doubt as to Angel’s Abyssinian-ness, she was up to the top of that tree within 24 hours, and looking higher.


I’m pretty sure my mom’s boycats haven’t ever gone up there in the years they’ve lived there.


I’m also pretty sure that her pawprints are still up there, too…assuming my mom dusts the same way I do 🙂


We flew back cross-country on Columbus day from Sacramento to Boston, but we had to change planes in Denver. I tried a potty break with Angel in the ladies’.


She didn’t like my makeshift portapotty and declined to go. I remember she was quite the talker when we were on the ground; people were looking at me while we were waiting to board like “OMG I don’t want to get stuck sitting next to her!” I tried to take advantage of the “if you are travelling with a child or have other special assistance needs” pre-boarding thing, since for the first time in my life I actually qualified, having a screaming cat and a laptop with me…but I was told I couldn’t because I was seated on the aisle. Um…what? I have never heard of that being a thing before, but I guess that’s United circa 2008 for you.


This is another early iPhone photo, taken not long after Angel and I got settled in back home in Boston. For the longest time, Angel wasn’t comfortable on our hardwood floors and stayed on that sofa or on our bed for seven months – she was just like the “Teh Floor is Lava!” cat.

Happy anniversary, Angel!