Aby-a-Day – October 13: Apps for Cats

Recently, I got myself an iPad.


I’m an Apple person from way back; my dad bought a Mac Classic back in 1987.


My sister’s an Apple person too; I’m convinced it’s part of our DNA.


The iPad I got is an old first generation one: it’s thicker and less flashy, but it has 64 gigs and it’s perfect for reading books or doing things away from home you don’t need an actual computer for.


Of course, in line with the whole “internet belongs to cats” thing, there are a lot of Apps for Cats on the iPhone.


Of course, anything on an iPhone is way better on an iPad.Except maybe an actual phone conversation.


So, I got the infamous app, Paint for Cats and tried it out on the cats.


Kylie could not care less about two-dimensional moving mice, but Angel and Tessie were mesmerised.


(Actually, Jacoby wanted to be mesmerised, too…


…but Angel didn’t want him to be…


…So, he wasn’t. But he wanted to be.)


It looks like a really fun app, and you get to save the art the cats make. Look at this masterpiece Angel and Tessie came up with (and yes, Tessie and Angel played with this! Together)! Of course, the iPad is still better for reading books than cat toys, but still…