Aby-a-Day – October 19: “My aura smiles and never frowns” (Fashion Friday)

Is there anything so cool as a punk rock hoodie with a faux-hawk?


If there is, I’d like to know what it is.


Black…check. Red plaid…check.



But you know what the best thing about this hoodie is?



(Besides the little earholes in the hood, I mean)


It’s from Build-a-Bear!

And, speaking of great fashion deals where you’d least expect them…


Remember this awesome Aby face T-shirt I posted about in July? Well, I found it on sale today! At BaxterBoo.com, of all places! I love BaxterBoo; Jacoby has some amazing coats and other clothes from there. But I never expected to find human clothing there! They have a great range of sizes in stock, too, according to the site: Small through 3XL! And, even better, if you order before October 21, promocode “WarmFuzzies25off” gets you an extra 25% off.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 19: “My aura smiles and never frowns” (Fashion Friday)

  1. I’ve got a question about your Build-a-Bear clothes, and Jake. How big would you say he is? I’ve got a 13 pound DSH who is ALWAYS cold, but dog sweaters don’t seem to work right for him. Smalls are too small, mediums are too big. My teeny little girl (6lb) is equally thwarted, as extra-smalls are usually too short to cover anything substantial (She’s got junk in her trunk)

    Then of course there’s my Pom, who has an entire wardrobe of sweaters.

    So do you think Build-a-Bear clothes would fit my pair?


    1. The thing about Build-a-Bear clothing is, while it does fit cats, looks cute, and isn’t expensive, it’s designed for inanimate dolls, not living cats – it’s more for looks than for funtion or warmth. If you’re looking for something that will keep them warm, you’re probably better off with real coats and sweaters.

      One great source is BaxterBoo. I got Jacoby an awesome snow coat from them.

      For hard-to-fit cats, Etsy is your best bet. you can get some awesome, yet affordable, custom-made cat clothes. There’s a whole little niche of people who make clothes just for Sphynx cats! And of course, Sphynx clothes will fit cats with hair, too. Check out Fur Buddy Products and Sphynx Couture for some really nice stuff – they sell ready-to-wear and they also do custom work. I haven’t bought anything from them (yet!) but they definitely have some nice stuff that’s designed for cats.

      I’ve found with sweaters and T-shirts especially that when they’re made for dogs the necks and shoulders are much too big for a cat – if the neck fits, the sweater is too short. I’ve modified a lot of Jake’s clothes to get it to fit better. One of the best cat sweaters I’ve ever seen is the the “Baretta” by Beantown Handmade. I have one for Jake and one for Angel, and they are marvelous. Very well made and they fit cats perfectly. I also have some sweaters made by ByChance Designs that also fit cats really well. These are a little warmer since they have sleeves, but some cats don’t like clothes with sleeves, so you may have to do some testing.

      And if you need to accessorise, don’t forget Cat Atelier, run by cousin Toki and his human Julie!

      Hope that helps…if you need anything else, I have a lot of sources!


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