Aby-a-Day – October 21: Getting there is half the fun

So as I said yesterday, Jacoby and I missed the in-store contest costume yesterday because I hadn’t been to this Petsmart before and used my iPhone for directions. I blamed Siri, because that how I got to the map, but on reflection I think the misdirection was more the fault of Apple’s new iOS6 maps.


When I started walking, it definitely looked like I was going the right way. The little blue circle was moving towards the red one, and it all looked good. It’s hard to steer the stroller one-handed, so I put down the phone to concentrate on walking.


It was a gorgeous afternoon, and considering we were close to a subway and commuter rail station, an incredibly pretty and scenic stretch of sidewalk.


When we got to the point where it seemed like we should have been there and we still couldn’t see anything up ahead, I checked my phone again…and let’s just say the blue circle wasn’t where it should have been.


At least it was a lovely day for a walk, and we got to see some nice fall foliage. Although, I felt super stupid when I got turned around and realised just how close to the station the store actually was. At least I’ll know next time.