Aby-a-Day – October 25: Smart shopping

As you saw yesterday, Jacoby and I had a lot of fun just exploring Petsmart.


Since we didn’t have anything we had to do after the costume contest, we just kind of hung out and explored the store for a while.


I was playing my little “let’s find Abys” game. First, I found this awesome shopping bag. It may not be specifically Abyssinian, but it definitely harmonises well with a Ruddy, don’t you think?

petsmartcatbaglabel181 petsmartcatbaglabel180

The label shows how the pattern looks when the bag is unfolded. I love it, and 10% of the price goes to help homeless pets. Win-win, I say.


Then I found this photo on the Furminator display. It really cracks me up because Abys are pretty much the least sheddy cats I’ve ever lived with, so hey, let’s make them the poster cat for a shed prevention tool! The other thing that I found amusing was that this display was directly opposite the store’s Banfield Vet Hospital, where one of the staff was admiring Jake, exclaiming, “I’ve never seen a cat like that before!” Well…actually, there’s a photo of one right over there…


I usually manage to find an Aby on at least one cat food can label or bag. This Blue Buffalo one, for weight maintenance, was a new one I’d not seen before.


I also hasn’t seen this new Royal Canin Somali.


Look! More Somalis! Apart from food, I’ve hardly ever seen Somalis on packaging.


And here’s another Somali…who’s also a blue. I think this boy is so handsome…I wonder who his breeder is.


I think between the food aisles and the edible critters, Jake must get very hungry when we go to pet stores.


“Wait…these aren’t for eating?”