Aby-a-Day – October 26: Tacoby Bellsbury (Fashion Friday Flashback)

Five years ago yesterday, Jacoby Ellsbury stole the first base in the World Series and won every person in America a free Taco Bell taco.

image by Jeff Dockum, via Boston.com)

As you might imagine, this was a pretty big deal here in Boston. Five years later, people still talk about it when listing Ellsbury’s accomplishments.


In fact, at the time I created this LOLcat with Jake’s brother Gun-Hee, based on this hilarious on-air dugout conversation, and this classic LOLcat.


And when Jacoby was a kitten, I had to get him catnip taco toys.


So…when I saw this taco costume on sale at BaxterBoo…yeah, I had to get it.


The mistake I made, though, was taking Jake out into the hallway to photograph him.



And you know what happens when he’s out on the hallway carpet! He rolls.



At least he’s comfortable in whatever he’s wearing, wherever he’s wearing it.

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