Aby-a-Day – October 27: Get thee hence, ye doltish, fat-boned bugswallower!

Jacoby’s not the only one getting ready for Halloween.


Angel is, too. I really want to take her to the costume contests the pet stores are having, but I’m afraid she may just be too timid to go out in public like that.


But inside her familiar walls, she’s the fiercest pirate on all the seven seas.


Especially when a certain camera ham decides to try to horn in on her action.


As if Jake doesn’t get enough photographic attention, right?


Apparently he doesn’t, since here he is, barging into Angel’s Halloween photos.


Angel was not amused, either.


And she let him know about it, too.


She’s growling at him in this photo.


Growling, and hissing…


I think Jake really blew it when he tried to play with the feathers on Angel’s hat.


This photo makes me laugh. It reminds me of that LOLcat where the lioness tells the lion she does not has a PMS

After Angel gave him what-for, Jake thought he’d try barging in on a sweeter, gentler girlcat’s photo op.


I mean, what could be nicer and more feminine than Hello Kitty?


Grave tactical error on Jake’s part.


Angel only yelled at Jake. Kylie, for all her pink ribbons and hearts, really let him have it. With both paws! Pow! Pow!


Do NOT screw with Hello Kitty! She will mess you up!

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 27: Get thee hence, ye doltish, fat-boned bugswallower!

  1. love it…especially the eye patch and Hello Kitty encounter. and – oh! ordered the calendar yesterday…such a fan! ^ . . ^


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