Aby-a-Day – October 28: This ain’t my first rodeo

Today Jacoby and I went to the big Halloween costume contest at the Quincy Petco.


I found an incredible cowboy hat and kerchief at Petsmart last weekend (on sale for 50% off if you can believe it) and the instant I saw it, I knew it would be awesome on Jake.

He just needed a jacket to go with it. So, I took one of his harness-coats and added a little cowhide…

jakescostumeIMG_9118 jakescostumeIMG_9119

…and voilà! Jake’s a cowboy!


At Petco, they had a little runway set up. Of course, Jake rocked it.



It was the Feline Agility course all over again.


The great thing about this costume is that it’s also a harness, and it’s warm. Perfect for a late October outing.


Jake can move in it comfortably, and the hat doesn’t have to be on his head for the costume to work. He can have it pushed back and it still looks good.


I need to get a cowgirl costume, now, so that we match. It seems that human-pet matching outfits are all the rage. Besides the general costume contest, Blue Buffalo sponsored a special contest for the best lookalikes.


Since my Cleopatra outfit is in storage, I decided we’d go as Ellsbury and Pedroia.



Well…okay, we just wore Red Sox jerseys and hats. But he’s named Jacoby, and my jersey has Pedroia’s name and number, so there you go.


But it worked! We won!


It was a great party, too. There was face-painting, a scavenger hunt, cupcakes with worms in them, and a lot of great dogs – and cats – in costume.


I was thrilled to see another cat in the contest. And look! He was even in a stroller!


This is Mr. Pixel, aka SuperCat. He’s the first cat I’ve seen in a stroller outside of a cat show.


We let Mr. Pixel and Jake check out each other – and their pimped out rides.




Amazingly, they got along pretty well. I was surprised there was no hissing!


I was amused that he won a bag of BLUE Longevity, the cat food with the Aby on the front I noticed for the first time last week at Petsmart. How serendipitous!


You may also notice that the bag is full of bite holes…



…while I was putting the stroller away in the bike closet, Jake decided he wanted a snack and attacked his prize!


I guess that means it’s good food, if he wants to tear into the bag to eat it! And, I guess that’s the perfect end to a good day.

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