Aby-a-Day – October 29: Urban Cowboy (Hipstamatic Monday)

I love riding the T with Jacoby.


It’s fun to watch other people watching him, and it’s fun to watch him on the train.


At times, he just seems so jaded. “Ho hum, here we are on the train. Yawn.”


What’s really funny is, he knows our “home” station, Broadway. When he hears the announcement on the loudspeaker: “Next stop, Broadway,” he gets all excited because he knows we’re getting off.


The thing is, though, that yesterday, after Petco we had to go downtown to CVS and the post office, so we went past Broadway without getting off.


Jake knew something was wrong. He got all agitated, meowing at me like, “MOM! MOM! THIS IS OUR STOP!!!”


I think he knows the word “Broadway,” as well as what our station looks like. Actually, it’s because he knows Broadway is “home” that he had his escalator accident two years ago last week.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 29: Urban Cowboy (Hipstamatic Monday)

  1. Hi, this is Chris Helms. I cover transportation for the Patch community sites. Could I have permission to use one of these great “urban cowboy” photos in our coverage of the #strollercat phenomenon? Thanks for your consideration.


    1. I *JUST* found out about all this about an hour ago, if you can believe it…sure, go ahead! Just let me know where it is so I can link back to it in a blog post…


  2. So YOU’RE the loony bin who took your cat in a FULL SIZED CHILD STROLLER onto the T during rush hour the other day! Wow! SO INCONSIDERATE. Pretty sure cats aren’t even allowed on the MBTA…


    1. Hi Kittygirl
      Sorry you feel that way; Jake’s stroller is actually designed for cats and small dogs under 30lbs.
      And I did wait until after 6pm, which is pretty much after the bulk of rush hour. Evidently, yesterday just happened to be a really high ridership day on the T. I did try to stay out of the way as much as I could. But if I’d waited much longer, the shops I needed to go to would have been closed.

      Pets are allowed on the T as long as they are properly restrained and leashed and/or in a carrier. They are not supposed to take up a seat during rush hour.

      Like I said, I’m sorry if we bothered you on the T…but we live in Boston and I don’t drive, so the T is the only way we have to get our errands done.


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