So this is interesting…yesterday I needed to run an errand in Cambridge, and since it didn’t involve groceries, I took Jacoby, in his stroller, along with me. Just a regular Tuesday, right?

Well…no. Even though it was after 6, the red line was still pretty crowded. As always, I tried to stay out of the way as much as I could. But evidently some people were still annoyed about the stroller on the train…and they Tweeted about it.

I had a run-in with a woman, too, who said she was allergic to cats (as am I) and how dare I bring a cat on the train? So…rather than arguing with her, I Tweeted about it.

Next thing I know, today my vet’s office calls me, saying someone from the Boston Herald wanted to interview “the woman with the cat in a stroller.” Turns out, after the bitchy Tweets, a bunch of pro-Strollercat Tweets started. And then, someone created a StrollerCat Twitter account! I guess it’s become kind of a thing

I literally found out about this from the reporter who left her number with the vet’s office! It’s crazy, but I guess Jake’s a sort of Boston celebrity now. I actually did a pretty decent interview with the Herald, and they asked a lot about our therapy work and the CFA Ambassador program; the reporter said it was going to be a positive piece.


Interestingly enough, I made this back in September of last year…evidently, it’s @strollercat’s motto.

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