So this is interesting…yesterday I needed to run an errand in Cambridge, and since it didn’t involve groceries, I took Jacoby, in his stroller, along with me. Just a regular Tuesday, right?

Well…no. Even though it was after 6, the red line was still pretty crowded. As always, I tried to stay out of the way as much as I could. But evidently some people were still annoyed about the stroller on the train…and they Tweeted about it.

I had a run-in with a woman, too, who said she was allergic to cats (as am I) and how dare I bring a cat on the train? So…rather than arguing with her, I Tweeted about it.

Next thing I know, today my vet’s office calls me, saying someone from the Boston Herald wanted to interview “the woman with the cat in a stroller.” Turns out, after the bitchy Tweets, a bunch of pro-Strollercat Tweets started. And then, someone created a StrollerCat Twitter account! I guess it’s become kind of a thing

I literally found out about this from the reporter who left her number with the vet’s office! It’s crazy, but I guess Jake’s a sort of Boston celebrity now. I actually did a pretty decent interview with the Herald, and they asked a lot about our therapy work and the CFA Ambassador program; the reporter said it was going to be a positive piece.


Interestingly enough, I made this back in September of last year…evidently, it’s @strollercat’s motto.

31 thoughts on “#Strollercat

  1. That’s awesome! I am now following StrollerCat – I mean, how could I not?! I can’t wait to see the story in the Herald – I will be checking your blog for the link!


    1. It’s crazy…my husband is worried people hate me and Jake now because of the original drama…it’s kind of beyond that now, though. I think he’s become kind of a mascot now…


  2. If I saw an Aby in a stroller while I was out and about, I would be totally excited. That kind of thing makes my day, and I know a ton of people who feel the same way, even people who don’t have a cat. I see a lot of people sneaking their little dogs into the subway, and no one cares. I think Jake is an awesome ambassador for Abys everywhere. A perfect example of their awesome personalities (and handsomeness). Go Jake!!


    1. Honestly, I think it was more about the stroller than the cat…which I kind of get. Strollers are a pain. I was trying to get out of the way…

      Hey how ARE you guys? Weren’t you guys kind of right in the path of the hurricane?


        1. Meg told me this morning before I woke up! Crazy, right? We just had a major hurricane destroy half of Manhattan, there’s a presidential freaking election in less than a week…and a cat makes front page news?

          Granted, it’s an awesome cat…but still!


  3. Hello!

    As an avid cat lover, and broadcast journalism student, this story caught my eye right away. I attend Suffolk University right here in downtown Boston, and I was curious if I could interview you on-camera for about 5-10 minutes! What I would end up with would be one 10-15 second comment you make during the interviewworked into a news package I create for the university. I am advised to report on something I am passionate about, and not only am I a loving mother to three cats, but I’m also interested in MBTA rights am social media. It’s phenomenal how much this story incorporates all of this. It’s absolutely not a problem if this cannot happen, but if you were able to lend me a few moments I would appreciate it! I admire your work greatly and am proud our feline friends are getting some attention.

    This is the only way I could find to contact you.
    My email is listed above.

    Thanks for your time! Give love to your cats!

    Ashley Cullinane
    SU Broadcast Journalism ’15


    1. Hi Ashley…
      That would be great, but bear with me, it’s all a little overwhelming. I’m actually pretty passionate about cats and the T, too! I honestly had no idea this was a “thing”…

      I have to do something this evening, but when were you thinking of doing this?


      1. Thanks! I can only imagine the shock of this all. But don’t worry about it, I would need to do it some point during the daytime preferably for natural light in the background but it you are not available this weekend it’s no problem. I just thought it would be a fun idea. If you could give me any times you are available now until Sunday, that would work. If this doesn’t work out its no problem, I’m just happy to have found this blog!


        1. This weekend would definitely work. My husband is a bit worried about me bringing Jake out for a while, though. Do you need him in his stroller?

          I have a couple of appointments on Saturday, and on Sunday I’m trying to get to the NaNoWriMo Write-In. But we can definitely figure out a time to get together. I’ll figure out a way to get you my email…


  4. What some people will complain about! Well, I don’t do Twitter so I won’t be following Jacoby there, but I hope one of my infrequent rides on the T will allow me to meet him someday.


    1. Thanks! I think it was more about the stroller than it was about Jake…but him being a cat and not a baby seems to be an issue for some people. Who knew?


  5. This is so funny, I just hope you don’t get a bunch of haters harassing you. I noticed I can’t find you on FB anymore, did you have to delete the account? I have to go buy a paper.


      1. Understood, if/when you feel like refriending, ping me, in the meantime, I’m still subscribed here.
        FWIW: I bought an extra Herald, I’ll send you the relevent pages.


  6. Hello!

    As a fellow cat owner I have to say this story is simply touching. I loved following the positive responses and the Herald article showcasing Jacoby’s social work! And as a fellow blogger I’m so happy I found this and will continue to subscribe for updates!

    Now I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed with a number of media outlets contacting you about possible interviews, and WFXT in Boston, would love to have you and Jacoby on our show!

    We weren’t sure of the best way to contact you, but I figured I would give just leave a quick comment here. If you are free or interested please feel free to contact us at 781 254 2924 or shoot an email to desk@myfoxboston.com.

    Again, thank you so much for your story and hopefully look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Mary Cate


    1. WOW…first of all, thank you for your kind note. It’s been a little…interesting. I wanted to be a serious cat blogger in Boston…be careful what you wish for, I guess!

      I’ll call you this afternoon once I’m off work, and an email when I get a chance.


      1. Wonderful! Thank you so much, like I said I’m sure it’s been crazy busy for you. But feel free to call or email whenever, and again thank you so much for your story and response. We are truly so excited to speak with you!


          1. I’m sure that that’s been helpful! Just for logistically reasons to happen to know what time you’ll be getting out of work today? We’re just trying to put together our schedule so we can speak with you! Thanks again!


  7. If Jacoby likes kids best, perhaps he would enjoy visiting a children’s mental health center. Here at the Children’s Farm home we have extensive equine therapy and many therapy dogs. I am training my cat Golgi to be our first therapy cat. Many kids stay here months at a time and enjoy cultivating relationships with therapy animals. I think it would make for a more fulfilling experience for the two of you than the obvious choice, visiting a general medical pediatric hospital ward. You are super! Keep it up 🙂


    1. That is exactly the type of setting we’re looking for! I’ve actually enquired at Children’s Hospital, but they work with a different pet therapy organisation that only uses dogs – Pet Partners (Delta Society) allows dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, pot-bellied pigs, mini horses and goats!

      I’m also in love with the idea of visiting stressed college students living in dorms during exams. I lived in dorms in college and really missed my kitties – I would have loved having therapy animals come to visit.


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