Aby-a-Day – November 1: Sandy Claws

Here in the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy has been a major…well, a force of nature. Literally. At least 11 dead, Lower Manhattan flooded, the front ripped off a building in Chelsea, not to mention the devastation in the Caribbean while Sandy was on her way here. Boston was lucky; we had a lot of rain and wind, but not a lot of damage in the city proper. There were a lot of fallen trees, downed power lines and crushed cars and roofs in the suburbs, though.


Jacoby and I got a little taste of Sandy’s fury while we were out at the post office on Sunday.


Really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Extra! Extra!

Okay…I got a text from Meg this morning telling me Jacoby was on the front page of the Herald. I knew there was going to be an article, but…Page 1?

The article is really great, and it discusses his therapy work and his show cat life as well as just going on errands with me.

I should have known better than to read the comments, though. Yikes. I mean, I know it’s the internet, but man, people can be mean. My hair? Really? And I must be single? Wow. I have to say, though, that most of the comments are positive, but who knew a cat in a stroller was such a lightning rod of controversy?

I’ve been working to become a serious cat blogger, like Sparkle or Catsparella, for a couple of years now, and I know all publicity is good publicity…but this is a little overwhelming.

But at least it gives me an idea for a new cartoon!