Extra! Extra!

Okay…I got a text from Meg this morning telling me Jacoby was on the front page of the Herald. I knew there was going to be an article, but…Page 1?

The article is really great, and it discusses his therapy work and his show cat life as well as just going on errands with me.

I should have known better than to read the comments, though. Yikes. I mean, I know it’s the internet, but man, people can be mean. My hair? Really? And I must be single? Wow. I have to say, though, that most of the comments are positive, but who knew a cat in a stroller was such a lightning rod of controversy?

I’ve been working to become a serious cat blogger, like Sparkle or Catsparella, for a couple of years now, and I know all publicity is good publicity…but this is a little overwhelming.

But at least it gives me an idea for a new cartoon!

31 thoughts on “Extra! Extra!

  1. Wow, Jacoby! That’s a great article! It’s funny how humans never complain about being allergic to other humans on planes or trains, or when the human next to them stinks… We, as fellow Abys, are very honoured to be your friends!

    The Chans


  2. Wow, that is awesome that Jake made the front page! AND that the story is getting so many comments! With fame comes controversy, what can I say? You just have to let it all roll off. The naysayers are all jerks anyhow.

    Interestingly, the majority of “crazy cat lady” bloggers I know are either married or (like my human) in longterm committed relationships. And the ones that are single generally are by choice and have a great network of friends, and are not lonely. I see we kitties have a lot of work to do to start debunking these myths!


    1. I think so! Has Jackson Galaxy done nothing to change this?
      I also think I need to make some “Stroller Cat” stickers and a T shirt…and maybe get Jake an agent.

      Thanks for being there for me…you are one of my role models and idols, and I mention your blog all the time (end sappy LMN moment)! My husband is afraid the haters are going to show up on our doorstep…

      I’m definitely planning on going to BlogPaws next year. Not sure if it’ll be with Jake…and I’m trying to do NaNoWriMo, too, with a story about guess who. I actually have an idea for a story about Jake and the welder’s cats…


  3. My little girl is so in love with Jacoby after “meeting” him via The Herald today. She drew a picture for him and you and would like to meet him one day 🙂 love your story and now a new reader of your blog and twitter. We had an Abys for many years so they are close to our hearts. 🙂


    1. That is so sweet! We’d love to see the picture. Jake loves children, and I was a cat-crazy little girl; I love seeing them when we’re out or at cat shows. Maybe someday we’ll meet 🙂


  4. Definitely avoid reading the comments! People can be so mean! When I did an interview about my etsy stuff, I was shocked at the mean comments. Some people have nothing better to do than make other people feel bad. They hide behind their online anonymity. I think this whole thing is so exciting! I wish this happened years ago when I lived in Boston. I remember hating the T compared to the NY subways- hehe. This would have thrown the balance in favor of the T.


    1. Thanks…I was actually thinking of you and Toki and that whole Cheezburger thing…It’s crazy, isn’t it? I mean, my hair? That’s relevant? Granted, I need a trim, but sheesh. Big picture, people.

      See, I’ve always loved the NYC subways. They run 24 hours! They go everywhere and they’re mostly all underground! There’s more than 4 colours!

      I actually mentioned you and Toki in my “follow-up” interview…


    1. Actually, most of the people who I see in person seem to like him. The only people who don’t – apart from Allergy Lady (and remember, I’m allergic to cats, too!) – don’t ever say anything to me personally.


  5. Watching channel 7 news. You guys are famous!
    You do realize that this has made my day, every time I see the paper sitting on the table I have to smile. and now the TV news! Wow.


  6. I think it’s wonderful you got the cover and well deserved. You are so creative and are doing such a wonderful thing for cat lovers everywhere. Hang in there and your hair looks what it looks like. So, what’s the difference between a bad hair cut and a good one? Two weeks 🙂


  7. Hello Crazy Cat Lady! 😉 At least you aren’t flinging Jacoby at innocent bystanders like the CCL in “The Simpsons”… I had a look at your LJ, saw that it was a while since it was updated, followed the link here and read the article. Fame at last, or at least local notoriety! If anyone makes a comment about Jacoby and the stroller and claims that it is some sort of compensation for not having kids, tell them that you had a baby but that the cats ate it. 😉


      1. Din svenska är riktigt bra! Well, there has been ups and downs. Being a single dad has its challenges, especially as Kalle isn’t the ideal pupil at school. We’re looking into the possibility that he might have ADD or Aspberger’s to some extent. Still, he has taught himself English this year, mostly through online gaming, so there’s nothing wrong with his intellect. He’s in Stockholm with Titti and Emma right now, and I’ll go there tomorrow. I haven’t seen Emma in 2½ months, so I’ve been saving up on hugs and kisses. She’s 2 years three months old now, and loves cats and owls. I’ll try to post a pic or two on my LJ (in sore need of updates anyway).


        1. LOL…it was Google, but I can still read enough to know that it was what I meant to say.

          I think I had ADD or Aspbergers…but we just didn’t have the words for it back in the day, you know? I can’t believe Emma is 2 already!

          I haven’t been on LJ much at all since August. I’m focusing my attention here.


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