Nyan Cat hunts in StarClan Now

Super sad news from Catsparella: The cat who inspired Nyan Cat has died from FIP. He was 2 years old.

He was a blue shorthair named Marty (after Marty McFly), and he took over the world. I have a Nyan Cat scarf, a T-shirt, and a very awesome camera strap featuring everyone’s favourite Pop-Tart rainbow cat

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know FIP is my sworn enemy. It’s an evil, evil genetic disease that has no test, no vaccine, and no cure. There’s no way to really know if a cat has the “FIP gene” until they get sick. Very, very few cats survive FIP.

Jacoby’s half-brother, Gun-Hee, my first Aby, died from FIP before he was 2 years old. He was fine on June 1, looked a little peaked on June 10, went to the vet on June 20…and died on June 28. Researchers still don’t know a lot about FIP, except that it is caused by a mutation, not spread by air or shed in feces. I know it’s genetic because when Gun-Hee got sick, the cats he lived with (Kylie, age 3; Tessie, age 5; and Patrick, age 14) didn’t get so much as a sniffle…but his littermate-brother, Rusty, 1,000 miles away in New Brunswick, got sick with FIP within days of Gun-Hee. They hadn’t seen each other since they were 3 months old, but they both got the same disease in the same week.

Jake and Gun-Hee have the same father, Scar, but different mothers. Gun-Hee’s mother, Amber, had kittens with other fathers, and Scar had kittens with other mothers, but Gun-Hee and Rusty’s litter was the only one between Scar and Amber. No other kittens of Pellburn have gotten FIP.

And now Marty, aka Nyan Cat, has joined StarClan. Of course, he already has his own stars…and a rainbow, too.

6 thoughts on “Nyan Cat hunts in StarClan Now

  1. I had a little Russian Blue foster kitten (who got adopted) get FIP. It was awful. He had a respiratory infection that just never got better. He was about 6 months old when he died. His adoptive family were great and gave him lots of love. He was such a sweet little guy. FIP is a horrible disease. And I think the saddest thing is that it kills young cats. I’m sorry to hear about Nyan. And I’m sorry you lost Gun-Hee. I hope one day there is a vaccination for FIP, or some way to fight it better.


  2. You probably just had Ginger on your mind, Coco, Scar’s mother because she died this summer. It was Amber that was Gun-Hee and Rusty’s mother. That was her last litter, she had 5 healthy kittens in her first litter which was with TJ, Scar’s dad.

    Catalina, Jacoby and Dillin’s mom, is 6 years old now and doing fine 🙂 I had her urine checked, as I did that rest of my cats, this August when they had their annual check up. My vet said it is a much earlier indicating than the blood to see if the kidneys are not functioning properly by checking the protein level.(and it’s cheap and easy on the cats :-). All results came back good! I just have two cats left to check but it was hard getting the pee samples from them LOL


    1. Whoops, you are correct. I’ll go fix that.
      And oh, yes, I am quite familiar with collecting kitty pee samples…

      I didn’t realise Amber only had two litters. I thought she’d had more for some reason!


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