NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Here’s today’s novel effort:

Trotting along the tracks, holding his mouse in his mouth like a tiny, edible kitten, Romeo headed back to his den behind some gas tanks in the yard. He had to cross the road first, though, and that was always unpredictable. Sometimes, it was calm and empty, and no different from walking through the grass near the circle of stones in the nearby field, but other times the buses and trucks were there. They moved faster than even the fastest cat could run, and they were heavier than anything Romeo could think of. They killed cats, Romeo knew. Taking a deep breath through mouse fur, he gathered himself up for a dash across the black path.

His stomach full, Jacoby lounged in the hammock of his private den. His human called it his “house” and he liked it very much. He had beds in there, and there was a warm pad to lie on. When his human took him to the places with lots of cats, he stayed in his house all day. He wasn’t sure about those trips, which his human called “cat shows,” but she loved them. And, he reflected, it was nice to get out and see things outside the territory. He could do without the toms there, though, with their bravado and their musky stench. Better to be a neuter, Jacoby thought, and live a life of freedom. Most toms had to stay in cages or be shut up in one room, and all they did was father kittens. Jacoby was happy to do more than just that. His littermate-brother was a tom, though, and he still got to go out with his human and do things, but not as much as Jacoby could. Yes, Jacoby purred to himself as he groomed his manicured claws, he had a pretty good life.

Aby-a-Day – November 6: Have you ever seen the rain? (Cartoon Tuesday)

This was inspired by Hurricane Sandy last week…


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