NaNoWriMo: Day 3

Not too much today, unfortunately. Two rescue posts and a Photoshop class will do that to your writing time…

The sun was higher in the sky now, but even in the shelter of the machinery and tools in the yard the air was no warmer. Romeo finished the last bites of his mouse as his littermate-sister, Minnie, came up. “No crunchies today?” she asked.

Romeo began to clean his white paws and chest. “I never feel like eating that stuff when it’s cold. Plus, the hunting warms me up.” He turned to attack a shoulder. “At least when the cold comes, the bugs go. That’s a good thing.” Minnie purred agreement.

Suddenly, both cats snapped to attention as a jingling sound reached their ears. That sound usually meant one thing…and as a slight breeze wafted in, they knew exactly what it was.


Luckily, the black and grey pair were safely behind the wire wall. They could see, and, unfortunately, smell, the smooth, flat-faced dog, whining and scrabbling at the end of the rope its human kept it on. Even though they didn’t really need to, Romeo and Minnie stood up in a seemingly choreographed movement, curled their tails downwards, fluffed up their fur, and hissed threateningly at the dog. It whined, more loudly this time, and put its human between itself and the cats’ yard. Satisfied, the cats sat back down.

“Still,” Romeo continued as though nothing had happened, “if there’s a lot of snow this time, it’s going to be miserable. It always gets so wet.”

Minnie nodded. The men who fed them did the best they could, building shelters for the cats from wooden boxes, umbrellas, and plastic containers, but the weather still got in sometimes, and the bedding the men provided would get wet. The men were good providers, but less good at maintaining; once the bedding got wet, it didn’t always get dry right away. Still, it was better than no bedding at all, like the cats who lived in the trainyard.

And, just because…


…it should be good for a few hundred words at least, eh?

Abys in Need URGENT: Somali in high-kill Ontario shelter!!!

Holy crap, this is tragic.


I just found out about this boy tonight, and he hasn’t even got a name…he’s just #92927.

He’s a purebred SOMALI, and the shelter he’s in thinks he’s 10-12 years old! Poor guy! He came into the shelter on Monday, and apparently, he’s due to be killed this Friday. I just have no words.


Look how scared he is, cringing in his little steel box. So sad. He’s in a high volume shelter in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Anyone up there in the Great White North have any connections in Ontario? If anyone can help, contact Kim at

Aby-a-Day – November 7: Wordless Wednesday (“How would my cat have voted?”)



Abys in Need – 6 Abys in the Niagara SPCA

This comes from the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook:

…The SPCA of Niagara just got a group of 6 Abyssinians. They belonged to an elderly lady who bred them, but had to go to a nursing home. From what I remember, there are a few ruddy, one red sorrel, one blue, and one silver. The shelter is no-kill, but I’d love if my little charges went to great new homes ASAP! They’ve only been at the shelter since this past weekend and aren’t currently up for adoption yet, but they’ll probably go fast when they are! You can find information about the shelter and these Abys on their website. The Abys’ info has been added to the bottom of the adoptable cats section. No pictures yet, but it lists their names and ages. They are all very tiny for how old they are (I thought they were all kittens)!

So, if you’re in the area and would like to meet these lovely ladies (Roxie, age 3, Cinnamon, age 5, Isis, age 5, Goldie, age 6, Peanut, age 7, and Wishpurr, age 11), check out the Niagara NY SPCA.