Abys in Need URGENT: Somali in high-kill Ontario shelter!!!

Holy crap, this is tragic.


I just found out about this boy tonight, and he hasn’t even got a name…he’s just #92927.

He’s a purebred SOMALI, and the shelter he’s in thinks he’s 10-12 years old! Poor guy! He came into the shelter on Monday, and apparently, he’s due to be killed this Friday. I just have no words.


Look how scared he is, cringing in his little steel box. So sad. He’s in a high volume shelter in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Anyone up there in the Great White North have any connections in Ontario? If anyone can help, contact Kim at vwbugs23@aol.com.

27 thoughts on “Abys in Need URGENT: Somali in high-kill Ontario shelter!!!

  1. Oh this is so sad 😦 I wish I was closer, but I have shared on my blog’s Facebook page and on Twitter. Fingers crossed BIG TIME that someone pulls him ASAP.


  2. I am on this! I wish it were Ontario, California – my human would be there in the time it took to drive! I’ve also contacted a Toronto rescue that hopefully can do something.


    1. I am willing to at the very least foster the poor little guy, if not adopt him (dependent on my two boys getting along well with a new guy). I keep hitting walls here- please let me know if you make any headway. A cat rescue is the only way he will b released- a member of the public can not adopt him. I am willing to drive and pick him up in Hamilton!


      1. I don’t understand how these things work…they need to find the guy a home, but they won’t let anyone adopt him? They’re willing to kill him, but not let someone take him in?

        Let me try contacting Norm. This is crazy.


        1. I know! I do not understand the process myself! Only Cat Rescues are allowed in to take the cats. Please keep me in the loop if you find anything out! I have left messages with rescues, but I haven’t heard anything back.


    1. I have been trying to get a hold of someone to help this cat. It seems that Hamilton Animal Services does not adopt cats out. I contacted Kim and she said she can not help. I have been calling cat rescues to see if they can go and get the cat on my behalf- but I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone at the rescues. This poor guy’s time is running out, and I just keep hitting walls 😦


  3. I just wanted to give an update: I have been in touch with Forever Home Cat Rescue, and they have asked the shelter to not euthanize him tomorrow. We are trying to work something out, to get him out of there, ASAP!


    1. I will post an update tomorrow, after I have talked with the rescue and we figure out what the next step is. I have never been through this particular process before, my oldest cat was from a cat rescue, and my youngest I took in as a stray from the street. Hopefully we can get the poor guy out of that scary place, ASAP.


  4. Update: Beth and I are going to the shelter tomorrow morning to see the kitty. If all works out well, I will be bringing him home with me. I will update again tomorrow!


  5. UPDATE: I now have the kitty. His name is still to be determined. He is a big sweetheart! And by big, I mean big! I would estimate that he is around 15 pounds. He has huge paws, and black ear tufts. He is so good-natured. He has let me pet him and pick him up, without struggling at all. I have not heard a sound out of him yet. He is settled in, in my bathroom for the day. I will move him to the spare toom once he feels a bit more comfortable. He goes to see the vet on Monday.


      1. I took a photo when I got him into my car, and Beth filmed me meeting him at the shelter. I have taken a few more pictures of him since I got home.


    1. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!
      Please, please, send photos so I can do another post on him!

      And, if I may throw a name into the ring…can I suggest Hugo as a name? He reminds me of Hurley on Lost, and also a Siamese-and-white longhair named Hugo who lived in my old neighbourhood…he just looks like a Hugo to me. I’m so glad you got him! I hope he gets along with your other cats & you keep him. Thank for updating me!


    2. Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!! Thank you for rescuing him. Like I said I would have adopted him in a minute, if I didn’t have six already and live hours and hours away, in another country.


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