NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Finally! Jacoby thought as his human unzipped the door to his den. As much as he loved what she called his “mancave,” it got boring in there after a while. He ran out and checked the girls’ bowls. They were all empty, as usual, but it never hurt to check.

There were three other cats who lived in Jacoby’s territory. They were all older than him; ordinarily, that would have made it their territory that Jacoby lived in, but Jacoby was not most cats. Besides, he was the only male cat, so that made it his territory.

Tessie was the senior female. When Jacoby had first come to live with his human, she had taken care of him as though he was her own kitten. She mothered Kylie, too, but Jacoby was the only one who really enjoyed her ministrations.

Kylie was the second oldest female. She was almost as old as Jacoby’s real mother, but she acted more like Jacoby’s sister. She was all white, and of all the cats in the territory, she was the one who was born close by.

Angel was the other female. She was an Abyssinian, like him, but she was…different. She had had a difficult kittenhood and had actually spent time in a place she called a “shelter.” Jacoby didn’t really understand what she meant; she described it as being “like the vet,” but Jacoby thought the vet was a pretty fun place. Okay, it smelled funny and there were dogs there, but the people all really liked him and he felt welcome there. Angel had also been sick when she was young and had, as a result, lost one of her eyes. She said it didn’t hurt, but it did make her very nervous. Tessie actually didn’t appreciate Angel living in their territory and bullied Angel often. Angel would then take it out on Jacoby. Jacoby didn’t mind, but her endless hissing at him did get old after a while.

She also ate as much and as quickly as he did, and she was let out of the bedroom before he was let out of his den, which is why there wasn’t any food in the girls’ bowls when he tried to eat it. Living with another Aby did have its drawbacks.

Jacoby went over to the sun-splashed windowsill and looked outside. It seemed like it was nice today. Maybe his human would want to go for a walk with him. Jacoby always enjoyed when his human took him on adventures with her.

Aby-a-Day – November 8: Commercial Interruption

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled blog after a few words from our sponsors…


I got my calendars from Zazzle this week! And I have to say, I’m hugely impressed.


I honestly don’t have a favourite. They’re both awesome. Since this is the first year I’ve done regular cartoons, this is my first cartoon calendar, and I’m really happy with how it came out.


Angel seems to prefer the art calendar…


…while Jacoby seems partial to the cartoon calendar.


Personally, I love the colourful and unconventional way the date part of the calendar is presented. That’s something that Zazzle offered in the design process. I think it’s wonderful – such a nice change from the usual black-and-white grid.


I also got my #Strollercat T-shirt, and…WOW. The design turned out AMAZING. It’s bright, and whatever process they used to print it on the shirt is really nice. I can tell I’m going to be wearing this shirt a lot. But what does Jake think of his shirt..?


He loves it!


Best of all, Zazzle is having a huge Veterans/ Rememberance Day sale this weekend! They have incredible bargains: 50% off calendars, invitations, greeting cards, photo cards, and postcards; 40% off ornaments; 30% off mugs; 20% off T-shirts (not including screen-printed apparel); and 15% off other Zazzle products from now through November 12, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s four days to stock up on all your Daily Abyssinian needs for cheap! So check out my Zazzle store today!

If you want a photo or cartoon on something in particular, drop me a line. I can create a listing for any image on any item; it doesn’t take long at all, but I don’t know what people will find most popular. I can also set custom items up in my CafePress store and I will have a different Strollercat shirt design (and stickers and buttons!) available there soon.

As Sparkle says…hey, a cat’s gotta eat!

Abys in Need: Magnolia and Susana in NC Need a New Home (EDIT: Adopted!)

Edit: Good news! These two girls found a new home – together – this afternoon!

Thanks to Merry, Hobbes and Louie for this heads-up:

Two beautiful Abyssinian cats lost their owner in a fatal car accident and need a good, loving forever home. Magnolia is 4 and Susana is 2. They are both spayed and up to date on their shots. We would like them to go together but will entertain other options to get them into a good home.


(If I had to guess, I’d say Magnolia is the red/sorrel and Susana is the ruddy…)

Please call Phil at 919-619-6803 or email

How sad! This is the sort of thing I always worry about with my kitties. I don’t know exactly where in North Carolina these two girls are, but I think they’re somewhere around the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh.