Aby-a-Day – November 9: Gettin’ wiggy wi’ it (Fashion Friday)

Wigs are all the rage these days, and, thanks to a woman in Texas, kitties can has wigs, too.


As featured on Must Love Cats, these little cat wigs are works of art.


So, when I found a cheap knock-off an inexpensive imitation at Petsmart a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t resist.


I’d originally bought it with Kylie in mind, but somehow it ended up on Angel’s head.


Not sure how Angel really felt about wearing the wig, but she wore it like a pro. And the pink went surprisingly well with her red/sorrel fur.


And people wonder why the iconic Halloween cat is puffed up, arching his back, and hissing.

Oh, and by the way? When I Googled “cat” and “wiggy” looking for the Must Love Cats clip, you’ll never guess what I found!

This is Wiggy the Abyssinian! He lives in Japan, and

Abys in Need: 9 Elderly British Abys in need of homes

Via Facebook; copied from the Abyssinian Cat Club welfare page:

We have just been notified of nine Abys in need of rehoming due to their owner’s current ill-health which is continuing to deteriorate. All are aged aged between 12 to 15 and need a quiet life. All are neutered or spayed. Apparently these guys are not up to date on their vaccinations.

They are:

Golly – blue male – 14 1/2

Zadie – blue male – 14

Tweedle – fawn female – 14

Leelee – fawn female – 12 1/2

Apra – fawn female – 13 1/2

Jellybaby – fawn female – 14

Ephbe – fawn female – 13 1/2

Wilson – fawn non-agouti male – 13 1/2

Bean – fawn non-agouti male – 13 1/2

All are indoor only cats. If you feel you could offer them a good home please contact Harriet Patey on 0208 669 1655 or email her.

No photos, yet. Hopefully there’ll be some added soon!