NaNoWriMo: Day 11

Tessie strolled up, inhaled sharply, and Jacoby braced himself. Angel was somewhat intolerant of non-Abyssinians, but Tessie was morally opposed to any and all cats she didn’t know, and even some she did know.

“Uck! That smell! What were you doing out there?” she snarled in a voice dripping with disgust as Angel scuttled away to her favourite tree. “Rolling around in dog droppings? Phuah!”

Jacoby rolled his eyes. “We went where we always go. The place with the boxes and the paper, then outside by the water, and then home.”

Tessie narrowed her eyes. “You were also talking to those dirty machinery cats. I can smell them! How can you stand those filthy, strange cats? It’s not natural, living outside like that. Cats, proper cats, belong in houses with humans. And other cats. Preferably family. Tessie had come from a house far away where all the cats were her breed, and most of them were related to her. She had had her own litter of kittens, something of which she was quite proud, before coming to live in their humans’ house. Since Angel had never kittened, Tessie quite naturally assumed she was superior. She didn’t hold Kylie up to that same standard; Tessie had actually been adopted because the humans wanted to add a kitten to their family, but the two cats who lived with them were both elderly males who didn’t have the energy or the experience to deal with an active young cat. A young female who’d had kittens was just what they needed, and so Tessie had practically raised Kylie, too. And Jacoby, as well, although he had been twice as old as Kylie had been when he came to live with the humans.

“You’re not even listening to me, are you?” Tessie hissed, dragging Jacoby out of his reverie. “You really should listen to me more, Jake. I have a lot more experience than you do when it comes to other cats.” Jacoby shook himself, stood up, stretched and began to pad away. “Were are you going!?” Tessie snapped.

“Litter box,” Jacoby retorted, turning the corner into the water room. “And I’m pretty sure I don’t need your help in there.”

Aby-a-Day – November 15: Up in the air, because it’s there

I’m thinking I should have named Jacoby Hillary or Edmund, because he has turned out to be a master climber. You may recall back in January he mastered the peak of our bookshelves.


Well, that’s K2 compared to our wardrobe, which is much, much taller.


And somehow, Jake’s managed to ascend that, now, too.


This is truly the Everest of our apartment. I have seen him get up there – it takes a masterful leap from the dresser to get up there. And I’ve seen him get down, too. Usually, he does a sort of dry-land bellyflop onto the bed.


That’s a lot of fun when you’re sound asleep and he does it in the middle of the night, let me tell you.


I feel a bit sorry for him now, though. He’s achieved the highest point in the apartment. Now whatever will he do?

My heart has joined the Thousand…

I hate posts like this. Our friend Kim’s Aby boy, Finnegan, joined StarClan today. I have no words, so here are Kim’s:

Finnegan took his last car ride to the vet this morning. He’d had a pretty good 3.5 weeks since his diagnosis of kidney failure, but this week he took a bad turn downhill fast. He stopped eating – and we all know that’s not good. Yesterday I wrestled with when it should be and decided to wait until this morning to make up my mind.

By 2:30am I knew it would be today, as soon as the vet could take us. He wasn’t able to sleep, he cried all night long, and to make everything just that little more happy Clancy kept attacking him (it was apparent to even me that toxins were coming out of his skin, so I can only imagine what Clancy was smelling).

By 9am, Finnegan was done with his 18 month ordeal of “what’s wrong with Finn” – so many diagnoses, so many medications, so hard on a little body.

We fought the good fight – we thought we had it beat a few times, but he just kept getting sicker. Today he rests.

Eszencia Fabulous Finnegan was my “heart” cat – he bonded with me immediately and we were pretty well inseparable. He took over where Eppy left off when he left. He was the best leash-trained cat I’ve ever had, acting more like a dog than a feline when attached to a harness. He was a chatting little guy – had a hard time getting a photo of him with his mouth closed, actually.

At just over 4 years of age, he made a big impression in a short period of time. He will be missed.

RIP Finnegan. Chase as many butterflies as you want, eat as many worms as you can handle, climb to the top of every cabinet you can find. I will love you always.

I wish I’d met Finn. Kim’s other Aby, Clancy, is Jake’s uncle. I hope he’s not missing Finn too much tonight. Four years old is too young.