NaNoWriMo: Day 16

Romeo looked back into the yard to see where Ginger was. He didn’t want her to see Jacoby and get started on her rant again. “Maybe later…I’ve got a better idea. Let’s go into the tunnel. It’s warmer there because the humans have lights on, and it’s more private.”

Jacoby nodded. “All right, lead the way,” he urged. Romeo trotted towards the bridge where the pigeons nested which stood between Jacoby’s territory and Romeo’s. Adjacent to the bridge was an old tunnel that the trains, according to the stories told by Jacoby’s human and passed down by Romeo’s ancestors, once used to go from the station to the train yard. No one, cat or human, seemed to know how they got there now; Romeo said only the trains knew, which Jacoby knew was silly since trains were things, like moving rooms, and couldn’t think.

The tunnel entrance was protected by metal bars meant to keep humans from going inside, but it was useless against cats. Both of them walked right in without the bar so much as ruffling their whiskers. A string of lights hung from the ceiling, leading deep into the darkness of the tunnel as it went further underground. Jacoby suspected that, somehow, the tunnel led to the train station he knew so well from going places with this human, but he had never gone in this way.

“Okay, so…how did you get all the way here without your human? Don’t you have all kinds of doors and things that only humans can open? And don’t you have a lot of dogs in your territory?”

“Not in my territory, no. But there are a lot in the building. I know some of them.” Jacoby explained. Romeo just shook his head. Wasn’t a building and a territory the same thing? It was for him. As much as he liked Jake, Romeo thought, sometimes he was very, very hard to understand.

Aby-a-Day – November 20: Thankful (Cartoon Tuesday)

Every time I cook a turkey and then feed the cats cat food, I wonder about this…


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