Blog of the Year Award 2012

Thank you Sparkle! Our friend Sparkle gave us the Blog of the Year award!

This award was created by The Thought Palette and it’s a pretty nifty little award. You can give it – and get it – more than once. And, like any blog award, one must pass it along, so…I award it back to Sparkle, and also to:


The Pouponette

And Aby Antics!

So go on and get your stars!

Aby-a-Day – December 3: Baby, it’s cold outside (Hipstamatic Monday)

I love using Hipstamatic at Christmastime.


Somehow, it makes everything look more like Christmas.


Maybe it’s the “retro” look of the photos. It’s like the first Christmas photos I ever saw (about a month after Christmas).


But the funky colours and the filters and blur lenses just give photos a festive feel somehow.


And, like Christmas, part of the fun of Hipstamatic is, when you use the randomiser, you never know what you’re getting until you open it.


It’s not quite the wait we used to have in the dark ages of film and printed-on-paper photographs, but it’s not the instant photogratification we’ve so recently – and quickly – become accustomed to.


Like this photo…it just reminds me of the photos my mom has in a box somewhere in her closet.


This one made me laugh when I saw it – it’s that “Rock the Vote” film that adds slogans to your photo. This phrase just seemed particularly fitting.


This one, though is my favourite. It just feels like Christmas, with the green of Jacoby’s coat and hat, the white of the snow, and the red filter. It might even be a Christmas card at some point…who knows?


Okay, Jake’s officially done with the photoshoot. Time to go back inside.

Shopping for the perfect holiday card?

Why not Jacoby? I posted one of Jake’s snow photos to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook, and people loved it, so…

…I thought people might like to send it as a holiday card!

I also made a flat version that comes in sets of ten cards, so you have your choice.

And, if you use code PEACELOVEJOY, all cards are 50% off until 25 December!