Aby-a-Day – December 15: He sees you when you go up to your brother and do whappy-paws for no reason…

Remember last week, when Jacoby was posing with his cousin from Japan?


Well, while I was taking photos, Angel came up out of the blue, hissed at Jake, and then just hauled off and whapped him!


He was so surprised! She’s been doing that to him a lot, lately. I wonder if she likes coal?

Other People’s Abys – Kittens are always cute…even before they’re born!

Who doesn’t love kittens? Susan Graham of Aksum Abyssinians posted this X-ray a few weeks ago on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club:


Isn’t it brilliant? I love kitten X-rays…can you tell how many little ones are inside?


This is what the mother DGC Aksum Tiny Dancer, looked like on the outside when the X-ray was done. Not so tiny there, is she?


And here are the four boys at almost 2 weeks old, with their eyes just opening. There are 3 cinnamon (sorrel/red) boys and 1 chocolate boy (Aksum Dancer’s Legacy). Their father is QGC Greenville Kopper Flash, a cinnamon (sorrel/red) male.


Here is the proud mother and her sons. The boys were born November 12, 2012, and this photo (along with many, many more on Susan’s website) were taken December 12, 2012.

In my opinion, the only thing cuter than photos of kittens is a video of kittens!