Aby-a-Day – December 21: Gun-Hee and Christmas (Friday Flashback)

I can’t think about Christmas without thinking about Gun-Hee.


He was my Christmas kitten. We picked him up from Sherry on December 15. By December 16, he was a member of the family.


He fit right in with Patrick, Tessie and Kylie.


But the thing I remember most about Gun-Hee and Christmas is his climbing the tree.


Such an epic accomplishment for such a little kitten!


That was a 7-foot tree, and he went right up to the top of it. Several times. We’d get him down and he’d zoom right back up.


He was so proud of himself.


He was so little, too! He was nearly the same size as his little Balinese cuddle-buddy!


Gun-Hee was truly the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.

Abys in Need: Zippy in DC Metro

Zippy wants a new home for Christmas!


“Zippy is a purebred, spayed female Abyssinian. She is about 7-8 years old by her vet records. We will bring her up to date on all vaccinations. Photo is attached. We did a senior bloodwork panel which revealed hyperthyroidism. Chem/CBC was normal. T4 was 4.2, with 4.0 being high normal. Prior records from the vet stated that she is on Atopica for “history of immune-mediated dermatitis” but we have no skin biopsy in her file. Overall she is healthy, a bit overweight, and she does have mild scabbing on her ears from the dermatitis. However, the owner stated she didn’t give her the Atopica often. She is really a beautiful cat, but typically a cat with hyperthyroidism will get overlooked by adopters here so we were hoping to find a spot in a rescue.”

Or, better yet, a forever home!

Contact Amy LaFerrera at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, VA or call 703-931-9241 x269.