Aby-a-Day – December 22: Beware of the leopard

Angel really loves the television.


I was watching a really great show about leopards on PBS the other day and Angel really got into it.



I mean, she really got into it.


She’s such a funny little cat. She just loves the television. She likes to sleep in front of it, she likes to hide behind it, and she likes to watch it. When she’s in the bedroom eating, she prefers to be in there with the television on, and meows, loudly, if it’s turned off.


I know part of her fondness for the large TV is the fact that it is very, very warm, but it doesn’t explain why she is so fascinated by the images on the screen. All the cats like the warmth of the television, but only Angel tries to interact with it.


A woman at a cat show this summer thought that maybe because Angel only has the one eye and her depth perception is compromised, she doesn’t realise that the things she sees on TV aren’t three-dimensional. Maybe they look more real to her than they do to the other, two-eyed, cats.